May 21, 2019 0 Comments Health

What Are The Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery For Men?

Gynecomastia is health condition that causes swelling in the breast of boys and adult men due to a hormonal imbalance or hereditary condition. Enlarged male breasts, also known as man boobs, not only affect the physical appearance of an individual but it can also indicate about an underlying issue such as testicular cancer or kidney malfunction. Hyperthyroidism and pituitary gland dysfunction can also trigger an abnormal growth in the breast tissues of men.

This excessive glandular tissue can be reduced by going through a gynecomasty surgery by an experienced surgeon. The areola of man with high estrogen levels can get saggy and become stretched overtime, which gives enough room for the breast tissue to multiply within a short period of time. Various incisions would be performed to remove excess fat from your breasts that might leave permanent surgery marks. Depending upon the maturity and volume of fatty tissue around the nipple area, your surgeon would advise to go through a particular type of surgery.

Puberty plays a key role in the development of chest hair and mass in men, but due to inactive adrenal glands or hormones you might end up getting large breasts. You might be skeptical about going under the knife for this cosmetic treatment but once you know about its positive outcomes you would certainly go for it. If you want to regain that masculine appearance of the chest region, then make sure to refer to the link at now for more information. Once you have firmer and flatter chest, you would be able to regain that positive self-image you also wanted to have. You can finally get rid of those insecurities of having feminine chest once you contact a reliable cosmetic surgeon for this procedure.