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May 5, 2019 0 Comments Travel

The Best Jewelry For Sea Travel

When you think about travelling to the various exotic locales that are out there, you will probably begin to understand that there are a lot of ways in which you would need to make the most of the trip that you are about to go on, and the fact of the matter is that when it comes to the level of work that you need to be doing, focusing on things like the kind of jewelry that you will be choosing to wear is definitely going to end up being a factor that will be very serious for you to consider all in all.

The reason that the choice behind the kind of jewelry you’re wearing is one that you are going to want to understand because of the fact that it has to do with the longevity of the jewelry in question. Part of this reason has to do with traveling by sea and the sort of rust that you end up suffering from when you choose this mode of transportation overall. While traveling by sea is going to be the sort of thing that you will enjoy the sea water is definitely going to ruin your jewelry unless it has been made by the right kind of metal all in all.

One metal that you should really consider wearing while you are traveling by ship over the sea is titanium, with Boccia titanium earrings in particular being quite useful in a lot of different ways all in all. Boccia is a company that has made a very enduring name for itself and this has made people start trusting the jewelry that they end up buying from this provider even more than they would have otherwise.

May 4, 2019 0 Comments Travel

Advantages of Using Coupons on Different Hotels

If you are planning a trip abroad or just a getaway to destress and unwind from all the stressors at work and everyday life then you should start planning ahead of time. Being on a budget and planning a trip is a little stressful only if you do something last minute. Although impromptu trips are nice and can be great but the time right before it happens is usually very stressful for the organizer. So if you want to avoid the stress of it all then we would highly recommend that you start by planning it ahead of time when you have ample of time to make changes and get the steal deals on hotels along with airlines and what not.

In today’s article we will be discussing some of the advantages one can get if they have coupons on the hotel they are staying at. With that being said, following are some of the benefits of using coupons for hotels, check them out below.

Free Facilities or Services

One of the best things about coupons on hotel room bookings is that you will be able to avail a lot of their services for free. Like the fact that hotels tend to have spas, Jacuzzi, sauna baths and other services but if you have a coupon at the time of the booking you can get all of it for free. However, we would suggest that you read about them on the coupon blog before you decide to avail them. This way you will know which service is best for you and which ones you should steer clear of.

Discounts on Bookings

Another very obvious benefit is that they will offer you discounts on the booking and in future would also send you customized plans, if you become a regular there.

April 27, 2019 0 Comments Travel

How to Make The Most of Travel Shopping

One of the reasons why anyone would want to go to a far off locale is because of the fact that they would want to try and get a good amount of shopping done.

The fact of the matter is that you can find a lot of options when you go shopping that are going to be far outside of your reach if you were in your country of origin, so it would do you well to make sure that you make the most of your travel shopping experience whenever you are abroad.

According to Wicked Good Travel Tips, there are a couple of ways in which you can actually ensure that your travel shopping experience will be the best of the best. For starters, you should always haggle, but make sure that you are only haggling in places where such a thing would be considered more or less socially acceptable. It would be quite embarrassing for you to start haggling only to realize that the prices are fixed after all, but luckily you can avoid all of this by going for something that would be a little more reasonable and just paying the price that you are being asked to pay since it is most probably going to be the sort of thing that is more or less within the range that you had initially thought about when you were first attempting to make some kind of expense possible.

However, if you find that haggling is actually possible, you should do it as much as you can because of the fact that you won’t get many more opportunities to make the most of your purchases and find things that are going to be truly amazing for you in pretty much every single way.

July 30, 2012 0 Comments Travel

Why You Shouldn’t Rent From Avis

In June my husband and I went to NYC to photograph a wedding and enjoy a few days in the city.  Originally I hadn’t planned on renting a car but since the wedding was in New Jersey with a lot of travel between the getting ready location and wedding venue, we decided to rent a car to make things a bit easier so we didn’t have to get a taxi or try to navigate public transportation with all of the gear.  Originally I had rented a car through Enterprise but decided to give Hotwire a shot on a whim at the last minute to see if I could get a cheaper rate as I was balking a bit at the $400+ rate for the 5 days.  I thought it was lucky (ha!) that I ended up “winning” a full size car for $200 for the 5 days – half the price!

The day of our arrival we got to the Avis location at LaGuardia airport without incident.  Check in took forever as there were few people working and many people waiting.  After a bit of a wait we finally started to get checked in, waiving their insurance as our car insurance as well as credit card both have coverage for rental cars.  When we were done checking in with the woman who was not very friendly, she told us where to find our car and said the keys were in it.  I said that’s it? and her reply was that was it and to give the paperwork she handed me to the gate guard when leaving the lot.  We walked out into the lot and saw the car – a Ford Fusion.  My husband is pretty anal about taking pictures of any damage he sees on rental cars before we drive off so he took a picture of a minor scrape on the bumper that had a red paper dot nearby before we left the lot.  The gate agent asked for the paperwork, which we handed over and he gave us back our copy and we left.  Never once did he – NOR the lady checking us in – ever mention we were supposed to do a walk around with him for the car.  Typically I’ve always had the person checking us in do this but often there are places that don’t even do that due to being understaffed and I’ve never had an issue.

We drove the car very little during our stay.  We drove to New Jersey to our hotel for the early part of our stay and drove to the bride’s parents house twice (rehearsal and day of the wedding) and then into NYC to the Waldorf where we stayed and used public transportation for the remainder of the trip until returning the car.  There were no incidents and the car was never in any danger of being damaged nor was it damaged during our use of the vehicle.

When returning the vehicle to the LaGuardia location, I asked the person who was checking cars in, Derek, what I could do about the fact that I had paid for a Full Size car but was given a Standard car.  He immediately got an attitude and said that he didn’t know about where I come from but at Avis a Fusion IS a full size car.  This got me more irritated as I had checked with their website online their car grades in case I was mistaken and it plainly states on their site that a standard car is a Ford Fusion or similar.  When I mentioned this Derek got even more upset then goes, well what do we have here – and starts in on the scrape on the bumper.  We quickly informed him that we picked up the vehicle like this and he said that we hadn’t.  We again insist that we hadn’t done the damage and had pictures to prove it and he asked if the gate agent had gone around the car with us.  When we said no, he told us we had to pay for the damages then – unless we had purchased their insurance.  We then had to go inside and fill out paperwork stating the incident where I stated we did NOT do the damage and that we had photographs to prove it.  At this time (thank god) my husband went outside and took more pictures of the car, with the damage matching up to the picture from his FIRST picture the day of pickup.  Despite seeing this, the manager still made me fill out the report.  It took well over an hour to do all of this and we almost missed our flight.  I was furious about not only the horrible way we were treated by Derek but by the fact that they were trying to rip us off.

Yesterday in the mail (which I got today as I was working yesterday), which is 5 weeks after the incident, I received in the mail a packet from Avis stating that I owe $304 for the damages done to the bumper which I am responsible for.  Furious doesn’t even COVER it.  Included are images they took of the damages, which now includes a rather large scratch that was NOT there when we dropped off the car when this whole mess started.  Thank GOD my husband went back out and took pictures when they started up with this nonsense because we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, AGAIN, if he hadn’t.  There was $205 in charges for the repair of the bumper and $99 in fees for admin and loss of use.  I am planning on contacting a lawyer tomorrow as well as following up with a body shop to get an estimate on the charges.  I will update this as I hear more.

Talk is cheap so they say and the proof is in the pudding, right?

The picture of the damage to the rear bumper when we picked the car up. This image was taken at 6/14/12 at 12:54PM, our check in process started with Avis per their paperwork at 6/14/12 at 12:49PM.

This is a full size crop of the damage from the image above, the same damage we would later be charged for doing to the car, despite having proof we didn’t do it.

A copy of our paperwork showing that even Avis knew we had paid for Full Size and were being given a standard sized vehicle for rental. Also note that the car in the agreement is NOT the car we received (we were given a WHITE Ford Fusion) and are being charged for damages on.

A picture of the car when I was inside filling out the paperwork regarding the damage and arguing my case. Note the insert showing a full crop of the damage on the bumper that is identical to the damage on the car when we picked it up. The date and time of this image is 6/19/12 10:14AM.

This picture is included in my bill for the repairs done to the car for the damages that they are claiming that I did. Notice the scrape below the circular sticker that was NOT in the image above upon our return and also notice the date of the image – 6/20/12, one full day AFTER we returned the car.

The full bill for the damages.

The breakdown of the damages to the car and the repair work done.

UPDATE 7/30/12 @ 9:30AM:  I just got off of the phone with Peter from the Claims department and he’s the first nice person I’ve dealt with at Avis during this entire mess.  He said that it was good that we took pictures and seemed surprised that when the pictures were shown to Derek and the manager that they still held us accountable.  He also agreed that the red dot near the damage seems to indicate that they knew there was damage even though there was nothing notated on the car’s history.  I emailed him the pictures and he said so long as things all match up with what I am claiming they will write off the bill against me.  Fingers crossed!

UPDATE 7/30/12 @ 10:45AM:  They closed the claim!  *happy dance*