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April 1, 2019 0 Comments Health

Should You Really Use Micro-Algae

The thing about micro-algae is that the use of these things is nothing new. Many people have been using them for some time now, and more and more people continue to do so. The good thing here is that whenever something new is discovered of such sort, it is first tested out to make sure it is not harmful to the humans.

Keeping that in mind, you must know about Marine Phytoplankton. We have talked about it time and again, and the thing that you need to know is that while it is safe to consume, it should not be consumed excessively because it can be a lot more harmful than you might think it is in the first place.

If you are wondering whether you should use micro-algae or not, we are going to take a look at that.

Make Sure It is Safe

The first sensible thing to do would be to make sure that whatever you are consuming is safe. Considering how there are so many situations in which you end up using something that is not safe at all. This is not something that you should go for, and the best thing would be to avoid such mistake at all costs.

Do Consult The Professionals

If you are not sure about what you are using, and you still want to make use of it. Do make sure that you consult the professionals before going ahead with it. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of unwanted discrepancies and that never is a good thing to go through. So, make sure that you avoid that situation at all costs, and it will be much simpler and convenient for you to do so. The more careful you are, the better it is going to be.

March 30, 2019 0 Comments Health

Interesting Facts to Know About Teeth Whitening

If you are someone who has been thinking of getting the teeth whitening cosmetic and dental procedure done but have been reluctant about signing up for the process because of all the bad things or negative side effects that you may have heard of. To keep it real with you all, most of the horror stories that you have heard are exaggerated accounts of minor discomforts. The chances of negative side effects to the treatments are very low, be mindful of that.

Apart from that, you should focus on facts only so that you are able to make better decisions about this as well. With that being said, following are some of the most interesting facts and information to know about teeth whitening procedures, check them out below.

Teeth Are Porous

A lot of people do not know that, but even our teeth, just like our skin, have pores in them. The porous texture tends to absorb color of almost everything that goes in your mouth. So think of them like a sponge that will absorb anything and everything, which is why we will also advise you to pick and choose. Teeth whitening will be more extensive a procedure on those who have more staining on their teeth as compared to others.

Does Not Deteriorate Teeth

This is a myth that has been circulating amongst us ever since teeth whitening procedure was invented. Essentially, it is a common belief, although a false one, that teeth whitening procedures tend to leave your teeth defenseless and quicken up the process of deterioration. The process involves using substances that open up pores for small amount of time so that the stains can be extracted and your teeth are back to being pearly whites.

March 25, 2019 0 Comments Health

Tackling Your Fading Eyesight With a Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Laser vision correction surgeries are there to tackle the fading eyesight issue, there are a couple of different options when one is looking for laser vision correction option, the most common one is lasik, this is a relatively safe procedure and its popularity has grown over the years because of it being safe and given that it heals really fast, it is almost a certainty that one will get his/her eyesight better.

The other alternative to lasik is smile eye surgery, this is not new because it has been around for a decade now, it isn’t right to declare this as a failed method of eye surgery because of the majority of surgeons recommending lasik, the incision made is much smaller and the working space is millimeters and not every surgeon is comfortable performing smile eye surgery.

Smile stands for small incision lenticular extraction and as the name suggests the major difference between the two type of surgeries is that smile is less invasive and maintains strength of cornea, there are a few important facts you should know about smile surgery that you must know in order to decide for yourself between lasik and smile, only a person who has the right knowledge will be able to make an informed decision, remember that it should always be the doctor’s decision to choose lasik or smile but it is important to learn a few facts about both types of eye surgeries, there are no complaints of any sort of flap complications and eyes are much more comfortable as compared to Lasik, Smile surgery provides even faster results and according to a recent study almost 80% feel better just after hours of surgery, hopefully this article has given some basic facts on smile eye surgery.