March 26, 2019 0 Comments Recreation

An Advanced Guitar Playing Technique

When you have been practicing guitar for a long time, it becomes important to learn new techniques that will allow you to become a true expert in your craft. Strumming, picking, plucking and all of the other playing techniques are very basic, even if it took you some time to get the hang of them. Relying on them would be doing a disservice to your instrument and will prevent you from being a true artist that has all of the tools of the instrument at their disposal available for them to use whenever they wish.

A good technique that you can learn when you are making your guitar practice routine a bit harder is tapping. This is basically when you use the fingers of your right hand to strike a string at a particular fret and bring out the note that exists at that fret. This is going to be painful at first because the fingers of your right hand will not be used to the coarseness of the strings, but with enough practice you will be able to get past the pain and develop callouses that would prevent this pain from occurring ever gain.

One fingered tapping is cool, but it’s only the beginning. If you really want to start using tapping in your music explorations and experimentations, you will have to go further than that by going for two handed tapping. This is when both your right and left hands are working together to create harmonies on your guitar. You will tap with a finger of your right hand and place a finger from the left further up the fretboard so that when you pull off the note will go there rather than to the open string.