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A Book Lover’s Tools

There are two kinds of book readers out there these days; there’s the kind that’s taking advantage of technology and reading their books in PDF and epub formats on their phones and tablets and then there’s there are those of us who still prefer reading physically printed book.

If the smell of a new book’s pages is one of your most favorite things in the world, then chances are that you’re one of the latter kind of book readers. You understand how reading books in a digital format can be very convenient but you just prefer the raw feel of having a book in your hands.

Your books are precious to you and when you’re done with them, you still keep them in your library as part of your collection. Now, not a lot of people still treat printed books with the same amount of respect as you do and this probably ticks you off. Just think about how many times you’ve seen your friends making dog ear folds in their books to mark what page they were on. People do this sort of a thing to make it easier to keep reading from where they left off but this ruins books.

If you’d rather put a sock in between the pages of your book, then maybe it’s time you invested in some bookmarks. If you’re so particular about your books, then why not also start being particular about the kind of bookmarks that you use? At American Students, you’ll find all kinds of cute and witty bookmarks that last quite some time and do justice to your books as well. You could even gift a few to your friends to discourage them from abusing books by making those dreaded folds!