November 4, 2014 0 Comments Beauty

Jamberry Nails on Gel or Acrylic Nails aka Fake Nails

In the past few months there’s a new MLM that a ton of friends have been selling – Jamberry Nails. If you know me, you’d know that my nails are almost always polished and you may notice they are fake. Sadly beautiful long nails are something I wasn’t naturally gifted with so for almost 20 years I’ve been getting a manicure every two weeks and thankfully I now have the long beautiful nails that most wish they naturally had. My nail beds are very short so with my natural nails my fingers look stumpy but with long nails they don’t look quite so… manly. Anyway, a friend started selling Jamberry and I ordered some strips because I thought it’d be a fun change for the second week of my manicure and for holidays as my nail tech doesn’t do much nail art and I fail miserably at it.

The wraps arrived and I sat down to give them a whirl.. and quickly found out that they were nowhere near as easy as people make them out to be. Maybe after a few whirls they are easy but the first time is anything but. So if you’ve ended up here somehow because you’ve googled something along the lines of “Is Jamberry nails impossible to put on or am I just a moron” don’t fret, they are tricky. I figured that I MUST have started with the hardest ones to put on (the glitter ones) and tried again but with just the regular “Neptune” striped pattern that is supposed to be the easiest to put on. While they were better, I still experienced some wrinkling. To some or maybe most this wouldn’t be an issue. I’m a picker though and those little wrinkles grabbing on each hair, catching on my clothes and so forth? THEY DROVE ME NUTS. I couldn’t do it and within a day I’d taken them back off.

I watched a million videos. I read a dozen blogs. I tried the baggie method. I tried the cold method. I tried the rice method. NO dice. I thought that I was just seriously inept and a total loser at life because reps that saw my whining on Instagram were telling me it was IMPOSSIBLE that I wouldn’t be able to get the wrinkles out and I just wasn’t doing something right. I just wasn’t using enough heat. I wasn’t using the right tools. I wasn’t using the right application method. I wasn’t getting rid of ALL of the oil. I was touching something before putting them on. My heat wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t apply enough pressure. It went on and on from there. It frustrated me because it’s not like I didn’t want them to work, I really and truly did. I think they are adorable and even though they aren’t cheap they are fun! I was looking forward to the holiday wraps and having something a bit more festive than my usual OPI Dear Santa manicure. I’m totally their “niche” market and I was seriously bummed that it didn’t work for my nails. You know what it did work on? My toes.

When I realized that they were PERFECT on my toes I realized there were a few things stacked against my fake nails. One – I have rounded tips so the wrinkles at the tips were inevitable. Cutting a notch seems to HELP but it wasn’t a cure all. Two – my nails are not only rounded at the tip but they are rounded from root to tip AND rounded from edge to edge. Most with fake nails will have this from the layers of gel and acrylic – it’s just how they are applied. Some will have flatter nails but mine are far from flat. Three – they aren’t as “grabby” as a natural nail would be. They are slicker and don’t have ridges. Scuffing them up a bit seemed to help but they didn’t make them perfect. It did also seem to help to cut notches in the sides as well.

I still think they are cute – and I will use them on my toes a lot. It’s nice to not have chipped toenail polish anymore! No more taking along the bottle of polish along on travels and praying the polish doesn’t come undone in the luggage! YAY! I seem to be able to go 6-8 weeks per pedicure which is great! I may even try a manicure again for special occasions and events and try to stop myself from picking at the wrinkles.