Whitney Houston

My husband’s best friend was asking me for advice on a hotel in Montego Bay as his Mom is currently stuck in Jamaica. The hotel the cruise put her up in is terrible so I hit up good ol Twitter for advice and then said HOLY SHIT very loud.  Hubs was on the phone with work (oops, sorry about that) and asked what was going on.  I told him Whitney Houston died.  He said holy shit too.  At least I’m not alone in my cursing upon hearing the news.

Am I shocked?  Yes.  Am I surprised?  No.

I know I am not the only girl (hell a few guys too) that has belted out “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” a few too many times, cried over the lyrics of “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” when we got dumped, vowed to the dumper that no matter what “I Will Always Love You” and listened to it on repeat and then rebounded with “I’m Every Woman” when we were back on track with our lives.   Without fail, there is a Whitney Houston song for about every emotion felt – especially to the teenagers who feel everything tenfold.

My childhood is peppered with momentous moments that often had something to do with Whitney’s songs.  I took an acting workshop and the grand finale had us dressing up and singing to “The Greatest Love of All.”  Of course, we can’t forget The Bodyguard which was the first rated R movies I ever saw in the theater (New Years Eve, 1992, friend’s Dad got us tickets).  It’s sad to see how many of my childhood touchstones are dying – all far too young!

I think we all knew this was coming but were hoping she would pull through and make a change.

“Didn’t We Almost Have it All” – indeed.


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