The Fancy: May Box

I was kind of “meh” about The Fancy’s monthly box at the beginning but the past couple months have been really good and now I have been looking forward to it every month.  For $39/month you can get their “generic” monthly box or a slew of celebrity themed boxes (currently there is Ashton Kutcher, Pink, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Coco Rocha, Tyler Florence and more) that are more gadgety oriented than other boxes.  In the past I’ve got everything from t-shirts to nail polish to a mini dust bin.  What I like about their boxes is that they have categories you fill out and so far I haven’t got anything I hate (just again, meh like the runaway alarm clock).  Use code 20OFF16 for $20 off the first box.

the fancy may monthly box

The Fancy May Box included the following products for a grand total of $172.85

Mizu M8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $19.95
TKO Milano Skeleton Rubber Watch, Mint $125
Milo Micro Suction Stand, White $14.95
Menu Decanting Pourer Selection, $12.95

I was SO EXCITED about the watch!  I got another rubber watch in my Pop Sugar box a few months ago but it never quite fit right and the watch stopped working pretty quickly after getting it.  This one is funky but elegant at the same time and I wouldn’t feel odd wearing this for when I am working.  I was pretty shocked at the price tag too!  It’s really pretty and I love the color.  I’ve been digging my s’well bottle from my recent Pop Sugar box so I’m glad to have another bottle to use since hubs tends to take all of the bottles and leave them at work.  The decanter is also a win since I don’t have one.  Not sure that I’ll use the stand but I may be able to gift it to someone that will use it.  It may be handy for my desk though for a place to put  my phone.

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