Downton Abbey

Last Spring my husband wasn’t feeling well and crashed out on the couch for about three days, only waking to eat and crash out again.  During that time I stuck to my office, trying to remain as quiet as possible as to not disturb him.  I’m not one for much television, I prefer to lose myself in a novel but I was bored with reading and wanted something to watch.  When I asked some friends what I should watch, everyone kept telling me over and over I need to watch Downton Abbey.  One said that I would like it purely based on the fact there is a Titanic tie-in and more suggested it knowing my love of the Edwardian Era (Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea and Titanic are just a few of my favorite Edwardian era shows/movies).  I decided to give it a whirl since it was on Netflix.  In about 3 minutes I was completely hooked and by the end of that weekend I had watched all of Season One and all of Season Two up to the current episode on in the US (which happened to be the final Christmas Episode).  Once I saw the Christmas Episode I was deeply saddened to find out that a new season wouldn’t be out for another YEAR here in the US!  Gah!!!!!!  I immediately ordered the Blu Rays and watched them again upon arrival.  Happy sighs abound.  Now it’s been almost a full year and I’m still just as hooked and a bit sad that I didn’t discover this gem sooner!  Season Three just ended in the UK and I must confess that I’m all caught up.  I know myself too well to have withheld watching it and avoided spoilers for that long!!!  Let me warn you, you will need your tissues.  It’s a heckuva ride!!  I’m eagerly awaiting the Christmas Special, which I love that it’s aired on Christmas Day.  I wish we had television events like that here in the US!

Do you watch Downton??  If so, who is your favorite couple?  Who is your favorite “upstairs” and “downstairs” person?  What storyline has been your favorite to watch unfold?

Personally, I adore Matthew and Mary.  I know a lot of people don’t like Mary, heck I didn’t myself originally but she did grow on me.  Watching their story be told has been so wonderful and I hope that Dan Stevens resigns for Season 4 so I can continue to watch their story unfold.  *shakes fist at Dan*  By far my favorite “upstairs” person is Sybil.  She’s amazing and the kind of person I think everyone wishes they could be.  I think most people adore her and the men want to date her!  LOL!  Downstairs I adore Mrs. Hughes.  She is quite lovely and has such a generous soul.  She’s been fun to watch grow over the seasons.  Interestingly though, I think I’ve really enjoyed seeing Thomas grow through the seasons, I keep hoping that he won’t be ALL bad because not EVERYONE is all good or bad, right?

I have to confess though, what I really watch Downton Abbey for is the clothing.  *swoon*

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