Pop Sugar Must Have May Subscription Box

I feel like the last person to get the Pop Sugar Must Have box this month!  I accidentally fell into a spoiler (I try to avoid them if I can) and wasn’t too excited for the box but now that it’s here I’m a bit happier about it.

The Must Have May Box included the following products for a grand total of $115.00

Smell Bent, St. Tropez scent $45
Zing Anything, Citrus Zinger in green $17
Kerry Cassill, Eye Mask (not pictured because I forgot I took it out of the box), blue floral $24
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, nail lacquer in Pool Boy $10
Must Have Fitness, Tone it Up! $15
Hi I’m Skinny Sticks, Sweet Onion $4

I’m not listing it with the rest (but it’s in the picture) but I received a vbeaute’ Lip Spread Anti-Aging Lip Gloss($19)  along with my May box as an apology for how long the Resort box took to ship.  I don’t know what is in these types of lip stuff but generally I get blisters from them (got it from the Julep one and the Jouer kind).  I’m going to try it and see what happens because I’m a glutton for punishment (and I LOVE my lip gloss!).

I immediately sprayed the St. Tropez and I am still on the fence on if I like it or not.  I do but it’s pretty strong.  We’ll see what I think of it as it mellows out.  I’ve received the zinger thing before and it got banished to a closet and I’ve not seen it since.  I like the idea of it but actual DOING is a different ballgame sometimes LOL.  I will toss the eye mask in with my travel stuff, they can come in handy when traveling!  The polish is OK but I hate creme polishes so this will probably hit the donation bag.  I always aspire to do the workout stuff but rarely DO it so we’ll see on the DVD.  I’ve had some flaring of the endometriosis this week (fun!) so I’m not really in the active mood right now.  I’m allergic to onions so I won’t be able to try the skinny sticks (sad!) but I’m betting my husband will chow them down.


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Pop Sugar Must Have Resort Special Edition

It’s been a while hasn’t it??  Crap.  I suck at blogging.  I think I feel bad because this blog doesn’t have a “focus” or a “niche” really and it’s just me spitting out random shit at people.  Since I couldn’t figure out my focus, I just abandoned it.  I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things and embrace my non-niche-ness.  I’m getting back on the wagon with a post about one of my favorite things, beauty boxes!   I’m starting off with the Pop Sugar Must Have Resort Special Edition.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Special Edition boxes from Pop Sugar.  I really liked last Summer’s box so I was hoping for the best with this one.  I’m still kind of meh on it.  Their monthly boxes are also hit or miss but April’s box was out of the park awesome (I loved it so much I didn’t pause for a picture before diving in).


The Must Have Summer Box included the following products for a grand total of ~ $476.50.

Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack, Pop Sugar Exclusive ~$176
RB of McD Clutch, Tan and Navy ~$150
Cuyana Turkish Towel, blue and white $55
Epicuren Tropical Lave ~ $37
Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Moisture Mist $28
Smashbox Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner, yellow/blue $24
Salty Road Salt Water Taffy, Salty Caramel Apple $6.50

I had to guess on some values due to the sites being down or the item being an exclusive (clutch, bracelet).  It’s one of the higher valued boxes I think Pop Sugar has ever released but it doesn’t make my joy level rise really.  The towel was the teaser item that they used to bait people with when advertising the box and I’m OK with it.  I’m not really sure how one would really use it though – it doesn’t seem very towel like, it’s too big to be a scarf and too thin to be a blanket.  It’s a odd item for sure.  Maybe I’m just not fancy enough for it?  The bracelet stack I like and I’m so glad it’s not Bauble Bar or Style Mint.  THANK GOD!  The clutch came in two colors and I think both are OK, the leather is like butter and is amazingly soft.  I’m not sure I’ll really use it though but I’ll have a think on it before I decide what to do with it.  The tropical lave smells AMAZING.  I love everything Epicuren I’ve received so far and I’m sure this will be enjoyable.  I love all bath products!  The cellular mist is OK but the tingling is WEIRD.  We shall see if it makes me break out in hives or not.  The eye liner is what I absolutely HATE from this box.  I’m too old for bright blue or yellow eyeliner.  I want to try the taffy but I am supposed to avoid all soy (I have endometriosis) so I’m really bummed.  Maybe I’ll just try a small piece.  Sigh.



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Pop Sugar Must Have Box: May

It’s been a while since Pop Sugar has really wowed me.  Since last fall, most boxes have been ho-hum with a couple items that I liked but the majority being items I won’t use or just are plain odd.  I’m pretty stoked that May’s box is pretty awesome and I think I will use every single item, which hasn’t happened in months!  WOO!  I’m glad I stuck with it.  I was kind of concerned since they have their 50% off promo going for the next box (use code GET50 for 50% off your next box) that the next couple would be weak boxes but I’m quite happy with this one!  WOO!

Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription Box May Contents

The Must Have May Box included the following products for a grand total of $121.87.

Charm & Chain, Gift Card $30.00
Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim Hat
, Graphite $27.99
Beautyblender Travel Kit, $23.95
Questions I Ask When I Want to Talk About Myself Deck
, $14.95
The Modern Margarita, Variety Pack $12.99
Pacifica Natural Color Quench Lip Tint, Guava Berry $7.00
Way Better Snacks, Sweet ChilI Tortilla Chips, $3.49
Pop Sugar Bag, $1.50 (?)

The gift card is maybe the only thing I won’t use in this box, thank god it’s not a subscription service like Pop Sugar’s past gift cards but their jewelry is pretty pricey so who knows if I’ll end up getting anything with it.  The good thing is that the expiration is in December so it may be a good thing to use when trying to complete an outfit.  The hat is a pretty neato idea – it folds up and unfolds and pops back into shape.  I’m not a big hat person but I do like them when I’m on the beach and being foldable makes it great for travel.  I LOVE the beautyblender I got with my Birchbox many moons ago and it’s starting to get a bit worn out so I’m thrilled to have a new one to replace it – I was just thinking about getting a new one so this was perfectly timed!!!  The card deck is kind of cool and it could be a great thing to have on hand at parties and gatherings when there’s some awkwardness to be around.  Even great for people you already know!  I love margaritas so the variety pack shall go to good use!  I am a chapstick-a-holic and adding a new one to my collection is always a win.  I also LOVE Pacifica’s line of stuff so I am happy to have another product of theirs to enjoy!!  I haven’t tried the snacks yet but they don’t look awful and the tote back can always be used.

Two thumbs up for a great bag this month Pop Sugar!  Woo!


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Pop Sugar Must Have Summer Box

After the Winter “special edition” box epic fail, I swore I’d not do another damn Pop Sugar “Special” box but I fell for it.  I figured that it couldn’t be any worse than the one for winter… and at least there I was right.  It is better, but I’m still underwhelmed.  However, I should use most of these items, unlike the Winter box which I used only two of the items.  I am also thanking the stars that none of that ___Mint shit is in this box.  SO over Style/Jewelry etc. Mint crap.  Pop Sugar’s monthly boxes have also been decidedly meh as well lately.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  It seems like there was a mass exit because they are offering a 50% off discount on the next box, use code GET50 to take advantage of that!

Pop Sugar Must Have Summer Box

House of Harlow Sunglasses

The Must Have Summer Box included the following products for a grand total of $301.95.

House of Harlow 1960 Sunglasses in Tilda, silver $125
Sachin + Babi Baroque Print Foulard Sarong $50
Truffle Classic Clarity Pouch $38
S’well stainless steel bottle in Pink $35
Henri Bendel Lilac Scented Candle $30
Vitabath Fresh Citrus Twist Exfoliating Sugar Scrub $18
Starbucks VIA Refreshers Packets in Very Berry Hibiscus $5.95

Favorite of all of the items?  The Lilac candle.  Our local Bath & Body Works used to carry Henri Bendel and I LOVED it.  I’m still kicking myself for not buying this one perfume of his that was on discount when they were getting rid of the collection that I thought was OK when I first tried it but LOVED once it mellowed on the skin.  Something like Vanilla Rum or something?  Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed his scents and I’m really excited to try the candle and I love lilac.  So this is a huge win for me, I will be lighting that sucker ASAP.

Least favorite of all of the items?  The sunglasses.  I typically use prescription sunglasses anyway (well when mine aren’t broken that is) but even when I don’t I just haven’t ever got into the aviator thing.  Beyond that, when I first tried on these sunglasses to see how they’d look, all I could focus on was the center piece, which to me looked like a penis.  I know, most aren’t going to see it but once I saw it I couldn’t UNSEE it and now I keep seeing a penis on my forehead so I doubt I’ll ever wear these.  I saw other styles that people got out there and I’m jealous.

Overall though I’m OK with this box.  I’ll use the truffle thing this summer when reading my kindle outside instead of my ghetto ziplock bag that I typically use.  I’m definitely going to use the water bottle to fill up for work this summer so I have cold water to drink after a photo session in the hot sun.  We’ll see if it really DOES keep things cold for 24 hours (although boo to the no dishwasher!).  Sugar scrubs can always be used or gifted and I’ve already got a box of the VIA’s so I’ll definitely use them – even if they give me the jitters.  The sarong may not get used but I’ll toss it in with my suits with the INTENTION to use it this summer.  Ha.  I don’t think I’d go for another box (unless it’s a pumpkin themed one, which means I may fall into an autumn themed trap!) but I don’t hate this one like I did the winter box.

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Pop Sugar: September Box

Ok, I have a new obsession with the sample boxes that come monthly.  A couple years ago I joined one that was all Etsy stuff but it didn’t last too long and I quickly found that while there would sometimes be an item or two I liked, I was usually disappointed.  Then last year my friend Mary (who is the guru of all things cool, a requirement in a friend for woeful ones like me that aren’t too cool or hip) blogged about Birchbox and I decided to give it a whirl and got quickly addicted.  It’s kind of like a lottery and since I was a kid, I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with luck-of-the-draw kind of things.  It’s a good thing that I don’t go to casinos!  😉  However, lately Birchbox has been lackluster (and the things I fall in love with seem to get discontinued and I’ve been kicking around kicking the habit but I wanted to find a replacement before I kicked the habit.  So this month I signed up for Julep Maven and Pop Sugar.  I got my Julep Maven box this month and I liked it but I just received my Pop Sugar box and I MUST TELL ALL OF THE PEOPLE!!!  This box is nothing short of awesome.  Lookie!

Pop Sugar Must Have Box: September

The September box included the following products for a total value of $274.47 (!)

Brokedown Scarf in Silver plus 50% code online $84 for full priced scarf, $42 in savings with the code
The Perks of Being a Wallflower book plus 2 free tickets to see the movie $14 for book, $24 for tickets
Rifle Paper Co.’s Lined Notepad $8
Benefit Cabana Glama $36
Becky’s Blissful Bakery Caramels $10.49
Pop-Up Pantry Dinners Cookie plus code for 1 free meal $17
Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Towelettes $2.99
Kitsch Hair Ties $9.99
$25 Gift Certificate to Tracie Martyn Skin Care Line $25
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips $1
Must Have Pouch (a black coin purse)

That’s a LOT of stuff and not very much that I am blah about, which is usually 50% of my Birchbox stuff.  I actually have a few boxes of Birchbox stuff full of crap I’ll never use.  Out of this box I don’t think I’ll use the Must Have Pouch (I have plenty of others of this style that are cuter), the Pop Up Pantry coupon or the Tracie Martyn Skin Care coupon.  Other than that?  Totally using all of this!!!!  WIN!!!!  Below is some of my favorites in this box.

Brokedown Scarf in Silver

This is an awful picture but I’m in the midst of editing hell so I’m not breaking out the big guns for pics today.  iPhone 5 it is!  This scarf is so, so soft.  I didn’t have a clue that this was a fancy schwancy scarf though, just thought it was another one.  Here’s why it’s awesome.  I always LOVE scarves on other people.  I think they look so chic and adorable.  However, I just have yet to embrace this trend for myself and I don’t know why.  I’ve yet to buy a scarf and give it a whirl, I’m afraid I’ll look like I’m a mess… which I do 90% of the time.  So this scarf in the box means I don’t have to commit to purchasing one but can start to try this trend out (yes, I realize I’m only about 4 years or so behind the trend!) and give it a whirl!  Here’s hoping I don’t strangle myself.

Benefit Cabana Glama

I love makeup!  This is why I joined with Birchbox in the first place but a lot of the stuff I get with them is just… WEIRD!  Not what is up my alley and not stuff I can usually find again.  I seem to constantly get fragrance and skin stuff yet my profile says different.  Anywho, this is so my style and I did a happy dance when I realized it wasn’t NOTECARDS but was in fact an awesome box in a box!  WOO!

The last thing that rocked my socks was the hair ties.  I’d upload a picture but for some reason the darn word press thing keeps tilting the image even though it isn’t tilted sideways.  Hrumph.  Anyways, they are pretty and make ponytails less fugly.  WINNING!  Especially since I basically live with my hair tied back in some fashion or another.

I am still pretty stoked about almost ALL of this though.  The notepad came just at the perfect time, I was running out of my beloved grocery list pads and this will do nicely for that (for some reason I MUST hand write my list, cannot print one out, who knows why!).  The chips, cookie and caramels all look quite tasty and I can’t wait to try the towelettes.  YAY!  Here’s hoping this isn’t a one off of YAY and then the rest is going to super suck!

 Edit:  I just decided to try the Pop Up Pantry thing.  I found out the first meal TOTAL is free, for whatever reason I thought they just covered for one person so it’s a $34 deal and the shipping is free.  I got the pot pie dinner and it comes with a salad AND dessert for TWO people!  So… we shall see.

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