OK, I am a photographer so I know this makes me look like a total jerk but… am I the only one that says “you are trying too hard” when you scroll through your Instagram feed?  I actually had quit Instagram for almost a year at one point because I got so sick of people trying way.too.hard.  Yes, I know sometimes I do too but there are people there that just… wow.  I also don’t want to see every single step you are taking through the day and don’t even get me started on the kids.  I don’t need to see your kid shitting on the toilet thankyouverymuch.

Then…. THEN!  Camera pictures posted on Instagram.  I’m not talking about pictures OF cameras (although those get freaking annoying too) but the ones where someone has taken a picture with their SLR and then loaded it to Instagram.  The whole picture uploading to make a hipster picture makes me laugh.  I’ve even seen people try to pass it off as legit iPhone/Instagram work which makes me laugh even harder.  Give it up man, the iPhone camera hasn’t evolved that much!

Please, please tell me I am not alone.


P.S.: Don’t even get me started on that “I’m an iPhone-ographer” thing.





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