Draw Something

When I was a kid my Mom was HUGE into board games and much of my childhood was spent playing games with her.  While we played some of the “normal” games like Monopoly, Life and Chutes and Ladders often our favorites were some of the more obscure games like Hotels, Trivial Pursuit, Stratego and Win, Lose or Draw.  I LOVED Win, Lose or Draw but it was hard to find people to play with.  Still, whenever my Mom & brother would agree it would be HOURS of fun!  When I heard about Draw Something, I knew that I would quickly become addicted and it would be WAY more fun for me than Words with Friends.  While I like WWF – it’s not creative.  You can’t have fun with it.  With Draw Something… you can get as creative as your mind (and your available colors) allow.

Since the beginning I’ve had some serious fun with it.  It’s hilarious to see what my friends are easily able to guess and their interpretations of words vs. mine.  Of course – what fun would this game be without a bit of demented humor?   I have it in spades and luckily – so do my friends.  It all started with a somewhat innocent word, “angelina” and from there on… it got fun.

Draw Something art

I started posting some of my better “drawings” to Facebook and Twitter and people were actually asking for more and more so I then started a tumblr with the “best of” collection.  It’s actually been fun and hilarious.  People keep wanting to play me because they’ve heard I’m funny at it.  LOL!  How funny and random is that?  Below are some of my favorites to date… sorry for the “crude” ones but that’s how I roll!  Ha!

Draw Something Pac Man

Pac Man

draw something art


Draw Something Poop art


Draw Something Vader





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