New Years Eve

It’s almost 6PM on New Years Eve and we still aren’t sure what we are doing for tonight.  Ha.  This is typical for us.  Last year no one was really doing anything and we tossed around doing a few different things but me and the hubs weren’t feeling so hot (I’d find out on the 2nd I had bronchitis) so we decided to stay home and do nothing and it actually wasn’t bad.  If I recall I spent a good part of NYE celebrating virtually with a few friends and it wasn’t too bad.  I think we are heading to my brother in law’s house but like anything involving my in laws it’s vague and not for sure.  Most people would be so upset about this, I have friends that plan their NYE bashes for weeks – months even – in advance but I’ve never been really big into it, who knows why.

My most memorable NYE was spent at a friends house in 8th grade.  My Mom had just died the week prior and the funeral was over, the family had gone back home and I just needed a crazy night with friends.  No, not drinking crazy but the fun crazy you have when you are in middle school.  I remember at midnight me and my friend Maria’s brother went outside and banged pots and pans and screamed and screamed and screamed.  I’m sure the neighbors wanted to kill us but it was good times.  I believe there always was a flaming poo bag that night .  *coughs*  BTW?  Poo doesn’t catch on fire, even with gasoline poured on it.  However it WILL make a HUGE fire if you pour a lot of gasoline on the bag.  Just in case you were wondering…

I hope that whatever you do (ha ha, no one reads this yet but the future you that will be reading and going back all the way to the beginning) that NYE is what you want of it and you are with the ones you love, whether they be furry, human or imaginary!

Happy New Years!

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