The Pintester Movement

I can’t even recall how I ended up over at Pintester but when I did I pretty much fell instantly in love.  It’s exactly the kind of blog I would have if I were to do one solely based on what happens when you make things from Pinterest.  Because we all know that rarely do they turn out as advertised – usually ending with a lot of swearing.  I love the swearing and Cocknails. This week she asked everyone to attempt ONE pin that has been on your Pinterest for a while and blog about the experience, calling it The Pintester Movement.  I decided this was the perfect time to finally give one of these pins a whirl and see what happens.  I hit up my “Tips and Tricks” board because that is usually where the epic fails beyond food reside and I wasn’t let down.  I can’t be the only one that hoped a “this will save you HOURS of time and is so easy” pins really work can I?  Since I was feeling a wee bit lazy, I decided to try this pin about a super easy way to clean your microwave.


I knew this was going to be interesting when I saw that the site had no more instructions and I had to rely on the words with the picture.  However, it didn’t seem like it would blow up and it looked easy to test.

Of course, while I thought I had a cup of vinegar I didn’t, I had a little over a half cup.  Crap.  So I did a 50/50 ratio with what I had.  Please excuse our groutless tile, someday my husband may actually get on that.

I decided to still roll with the 10 minutes from the pin.

10 minutes later…

Yeah, not a whole not of difference right?  While things were a bit steamy there really wasn’t a huge amount of steam.  I got out my paper towels and wiped down what I could but there wasn’t a huge improvement.

If nothing else I guess this pin won since it got me this far I decided to actually do it for real and finally cleaned out the icky goo.

Make sure you head on over to see what other people have done with their own Pinterest challenges on The Pintester Movement!

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Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup

My favorite meals are pretty much easy meals that don’t require a lot of fuss and if they cook themselves in the crock, all the more better.  Enter Pinterest.  Many recipes of good, far more of bad and a few of spam (not the canned kind).  I saw this recipe for Baked Potato Soup that looked too stupid easy to be good.  Of course this means that I have to try it and see if it’s decent or gag worthy.  I’ve had a run of fails for recipes lately on Pinterest, so much that I’m about to make a Recipe Fail board to complement my Recipe Successes but this one turned out OK with some modifications I did after reading the comments to see if I should even bother teasing myself with the smell all day before the epic disappointment of a bad meal (I’m looking at you Angel Chicken).

Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup

(Pardon the hipster Instagram shot, I didn’t think it’d be that good so only took a quick shot with the iPhone)

This is what I did:

1 bag of hash browns, frozen (I got Ore Ida shredded)
45 oz of chicken stock
1 can cream of chicken
8 oz Velveeta
dash garlic powder
dash kicked up salt concoction
couple dashes of pepper

1.  Toss the hash browns, chicken stock, cream of chicken and seasonings into a crock pot.  Turn crock on low and stir when the mood strikes you.
2.  Put in Velveeta supposedly an hour before serving.  I think I was around two hours or so because hubs was late from work. Best laid plans…
3.  Before eating, puree with immersion blender.
4.  Garnish and eat.

What I changed from original recipe and why:

•  After reading the reviews a lot of people said it was bland so I opted for the stock instead of the broth because I think that would bring a bit more flavor in.  I think it did.  I would keep this as is in the future.
•  I used the Velveeta because cheddar cream fakery beats bland creamy stuff every day.  I like cheese flavor and figured velveeta would do the cream PLUS cheese.  I had a long obsession with this cheesy baked potato soup we had when I worked at Friendly’s and I was hoping for a result close to that.  With only 8 oz it wasn’t but with the added cheddar garnish it was darn close.
•  Added garlic for the bland issues and essentially everything I make needs garlic according to the hubs.
•  I did not care for the looks and lumps of my first small bowl of the soup.  Too much flavor at once so I got out my immersion blender and pureed the soup until there were no lumps left and it made a WORLD of difference with the flavor.  You couldn’t pick out the individual flavors anymore and it was really spot on to the Baked Potato soups I’ve had in restaurants.

What I’d do in the future:

•  More Velveeta to give it more cheese flavor.  Maybe.  I liked where it was but I added cheese to it.  May leave how it is and just add shredded cheese. Hubs liked as is so there is that.  We’ll see how it is tomorrow for lunch for final decision because w all know stuff like this always tastes better the next day.  Unless it’s just bad from the get go.
•  Add bacon in from the beginning instead of a garnish, even just a bit I think would have given a good kick to the flavor.
•  Possibly sub out the cream of chicken for a different cream of soup.  Potato maybe?  Not sure but thankfully after puree-ing you couldn’t taste it anymore but was a bit noticeable without pureed goodness.
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I’m usually on the beginning wave of most social things.  Not usually by design or on purpose but it’s interesting to see how I was an “early user” on a lot of social platforms.  Live Journal?  I began using it in 1999 (well that’s how far back my archives go) but I know it was earlier than that.  Twitter I joined up with in 2008, not quite early adopter but WAY before it was mainstream.  Pinterest I’ve been on for at about a year.  So it’s funny to me when friends are asking me if I’ve heard of that “new” site Pinterest… oh honey, been there, pinned that!

I originally started using Pinterest for clever sayings and pinning wedding inspiration.  Not for my OWN wedding mind you but for posing inspirations for when I’m shooting.  Then more users joined and my horizons broadened and I saw the value of pinning recipes.  Then I found out that they are not always as good as they look in the pin (but that canned biscuits to waffle one is a keeper I tell you!).  Eventually Pinterest pretty much became the stomping ground for everything and anything.

I do have to say though, I kind of dislike the self-pimpage that goes on there.  I don’t mind the occasional post-my-own-photo/product/blogwhatnot pin but those that have more than a 2-to-1 ratio of their own vs others really irritates me.  In fact, I have unfollowed a notable celeb photographer because all he did was post his own stuff and beg for it to be repinned.  I rarely unfollow anyone but it appears that egotism is the quickest way to do it.

I’m still in the what-the-hell-do-I-do-with-this-blog mode but I think eventually I perhaps may do some Pinterest food reviews here.  I’ve had some epic wins (see waffle biscuits) some meh results (angel chicken) and some flat out fails (forgotten kiss cookies).  I do have a board for recipe successes but blog format may be a bit more fun?  Who knows, it’s something I’m kicking around.



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