NKOTB Cincinnati After Party Epic Fail

Jordan Knight in Cincinnati

Jordan Knight in Cincinnati 6/25/13 © Corey Ann Balazowich

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, I really don’t.  I am writing this blog because SO MANY people keep asking me WTF happened last night and Twitter’s character limit just can’t contain it all.

I’m a huge NKOTB fan, if you know me, you know this.  Even still, people from elementary school remember my epic crush on Joe (I just can’t with the Joey LOL) and ask me on Facebook if I “know” that they are back together and touring.  I’ve met them a few times and while there’s always bumps in the road when it comes to meet and greets and after parties, nothing has ever been an epic of a fail as this, to the point where I’m being a bitch and writing a blog about it.

Last night I attended the NKOTB “The Package” Tour concert in Cincinnati, which is a 4 + hour drive for me in my home base of North Canton, Ohio.  Generally I go to the Cleveland concerts but I had obligations that day and the Cincy date worked out best for my friends and I.  We had front row seats and had an absolute blast during the show, which is amazing and I highly recommend to all women from the 90’s.  I will smile for a long time due to memories from that show.  What wasn’t so great was the insane heat in the arena, which is not remotely anyone’s fault but the US Bank Arena, but it was beyond hot.  I went to a concert a few years ago at Blossom, which was 90 something degrees and a million percent humidity but it was cooler than this!  I heard that the a/c units broke down due to the heat outside but I can’t say for sure that’s what happened.  Still, despite being a hot and sweaty mess, we still had so much fun because of what a fantastic show that Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees (ironic, no?), and New Kids On the Block put on for us.  It was especially special because it was 98 Degrees hometown show and Drew Lachey’s family was right in front of us and it was utterly charming to watch his little kiddos watch Daddy on stage and be completely enthralled with the experience.

I had purchased After Party tickets for me and my 2 friends because I wanted to go and I wanted to surprise my friends with the gifts.  They were SO excited and it was one girl’s birthday and she cried when she realized what my text meant. Neither had ever met any of the New Kids and were SO excited to go to the After Party.  We all knew the pictures would be fast and NOT a meet and greet but we were looking forward to the mingling and fun of the After Party which from all other reports, was a great time.  We got checked in after the concert and waited in line and quickly found out that the humidity in the room was worse than anything in the arena but we purchased some waters ($3.75 a pop, told none was available from the tap for free) and prepared for a fun evening dancing and enjoying some hopeful “facetime” with Donnie and maybe a straggling New Kid or two.  We were happy to hear that Donnie, Danny, Joe and Jordan were in attendance along with Boyz II Men.

The picture line moved quickly and we were told to get into groups of 4 or more and we ended up with 6 in our group, which was fine because no one was too particular about who they were with.  When it was our time to go, we were shoved in, found a spot, smiled and said a quick hi to whomever we were by and left.  That’s what we expected though so it was what it was, I do not have a single iota of an issue with how the picture taking went.  We were more looking forward to the mingling afterwards with Donnie and just having fun.  After the line was over, Donnie took the stage and begged us to all take a step back from the end where the “stage” area was with DJ Cheapshot and make sure everyone had breathing room b/c he didn’t want anyone to get sick and how he would be around to everyone so don’t rush in.  Joe got up and did a toast to everyone and a few other “Joe-isms.”  Shawn finished out the speeches with something I couldn’t hear but more about just having fun and not trying to all turn into a mob rushing them.  All three led us to believe they were going to be mingling and so long as we didn’t act a fool, they’d be around to us all.  We were towards the back so it was hard to see.  The next song I saw Jordan shaking his groove to barely through the crowd and then I just had fun in my corner assuming they were saying hi to people and just not visible.  Then I realized I didn’t see any men during the next song and stood up on a chair to figure out what was going on and then I realized there was NO men (well the men we paid to party with).  Donnie was gone – everyone was gone.  There was a curtain to the side of the “stage” where people were coming in and out of but never to come back out?  Donnie and the rest of the crew.

Here’s the thing: I get it was a swamp in that hot box of a room.  I get that only Donnie is on the party as the host and therefore the only one obligated to be there.  If I were the other guys, I’d probably have peaced out too.  Jonathan is a wise man.  Hell, I am JEALOUS they didn’t have to stay in that sauna for an additional 2 hours like we did because that was really miserable.  I still have a headache.  However as the host, I really wish Donnie would have given us the respect to let us know that they were miserable, exhausted and just couldn’t do the party as they’d hoped.  Heck, if he wasn’t man enough to do it without fear of lynching, send out some paid minion to tell us what was going on.  Instead we waited for two hours in that soup – the a/c was broken is the rumor – for guys that left not long after the pictures were completed.  People were getting headaches, people were not feeling well and water was not cheap.  Donnie, why in the world did you leave us up there on false hopes when you KNEW the conditions up there?  I just do not get it.  Johnny kept telling people they were coming back so everyone stayed on, until the bitter and quiet end where DJ Cheapshot ended his tunes and started silently cleaning up.  Not a single word from anyone as to what the ever loving fuck just happened.  Ironically, I think our “party” was one of the latest ones, ending around 1:45AM.

Shit happens, it’s kind of a motto in my life.  It was proven when after that epic failure of an After Party I walked out into a thunderstorm and had to walk back to our hotel in the pouring rain (it did feel good but that whole lightning thing is a bit freaky).  After sleeping on the whole mess I woke up less angry, more confused and laughing about the whole situation because this stuff only seems to happen to me.  It’s kind of humorous in a dark and demented way.  I should have known better than to hope for anything less than a total shitshow.  At least the concert was fun!

My friends and I consoled ourselves on the ride home by saying at least we had fun with each other and the pics were still a highlight, no matter what happened.


NKOTB Cincinnati After Party Picture


I’m the literal hot mess in the blue dress on the end (in my defense the wet spots on my dress are from ice cubes I realize now that cooling down via that method was not one of my wiser choices in life), one of my friends is the girl in yellow next to Donnie.  My other friend?  She’s next to Danny.  Don’t see Danny?  He was on my left… and him AND my friend were cut out of the image. I’ve edited this picture for clarity FYI if you want to see how bad image originally was and the other images are, go here and type in nkotbappix for the password.  Also, if you are an attendee and want me to try and edit yours, let me know (I’m a professional photographer).

Needless to say, I’m pretty peeved.  Not only is the picture terrible due to the humidity, MY FRIEND IS MISSING.  This isn’t the only person from the night that was cropped out, there are a few others this appears to have happened to last night.  I feel so terrible for her and so sorry this happened.  I got her this birthday gift hoping it would be a fun night.  I called VIP Nation to complain and they told me to “send it in email” and hung up on me.  So I sent my email but here’s my blog to go along with it.  This is unacceptable and just sad.  I would like a refund and I think that all attendees last night deserve one as well.

Were you a fellow comrade in sweat?  If so, I am so sorry this happened.  🙁

If you’d like to see my photos from the concert, here is the opening acts and here is NKOTB.


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  1. All those trips down to Louisiana didn’t condition you for the heat and humidity?!?! 😛

    I’m sorry!!! I hope someone replies with a good explanation, and you guys get an after party redo!

  2. I’m so sorry it turned out to be such a bummer. I wasn’t there and should therefore probably shut up, but the biggest problem I see in this was the communication. One, I think it was wrong for Johnny to promise appearances that he had no confirmation of or control over. Two, I think VIP Nation should acknowledge the issue rather than continuing to ignore all the emails they are telling people to send. You’re right; you got the basics of what was promised. But the photo was not delivered, and for that, I think you are owed $50 (the amount they charged for the photo upgrade for the first few shows). Good luck.

    1. That’s my biggest issue as well. Tell us what is going on and we may have grumped a bit but we’d have been THRILLED to get the hell out of that room and on with our night. Hell, I may have even made it to a bar before last call (the bar at the party was a joke and a half).

  3. You are just mad you didn’t get invited to the back room with the rest of the girls. Those girls were hot, you are anything but. You got what you paid for, stop complaing.

    1. I shouldn’t approve this comment but I am for the lolz. I’m not remotely mad about the girls, I would never expect to be invited back. I don’t go to enough concerts to be “known” by the group – I go to one every tour and that’s it and usually don’t do a M&G (I did for the first two tours but haven’t since 2009 or so). Joe may know me but that’s because I went to a TON of his solo stuff back in the day but I doubt it’s more than “she looks scary and familiar”. So, I don’t know why I would even be invited back so why would I expect it??? I know I’m not hot or anything but. Thanks for clarifying that though! I was just there for fun and I actually had NO idea some people were going back to the VIP room until yesterday evening when I read it online. I was just having fun dancing by myself LOL. I am a wedding photographer and never get to dance when I hear all the fun music so that’s actually what I enjoyed most of all!

      Technically since a person that I paid for did NOT get a picture, I did not get what I paid for.

    2. Do you know your comment actually makes the guys look like duchebags? They only like pretty girls, let see if you can say that in front of them or their fans

  4. I was supposed to go to the after party, and it fell through. Some girl was to sell me her ticket and never met me in the arena. I was very disappointed at first…but so glad I didn’t go through this! I’m so sorry! I was curious about what happened, so thanks for the blog.

    The concert was amazing. In fact, Donnie kissed me as he was walking through the audience for ‘Tonight’. I’d do anything for a picture of it!! I am still on cloud 9. Anyway, do you have any recommedations on how I could find a pic or video? Do you have any other friends who were at the concert? I’d do anything to find one!


  5. There was a sign at Barclays after party that Donnie will get in a big trouble with this after party thing. Not only Donnie, Jordan also had attitude problem. They want the party but more privately with their favorite guests but want to pay with fans’ money. It does say meet and greet photo op and it does say official nkotb after party. So they are obligated to attend and greet fans with a smile. They get complaints because they didn’t handled this job professionally like we all do from our work. $150 tickets were sold to more than 200 people. Do the math. I believe they do split the share so they make money with this so this is business. Whole thing became like too business but guys became way too personal with certain fans. Everyone paid the same amount so everyone deserves fair treatment. Wanna hang out with pretty girls then go have a private party, why do they do this thru vipnation and keep our expectation high?

  6. After being at the concert and knowing how hot it was, I went online to see the AP pix out of curiosity. WOW. I just hate that for all of you who went!!! If you had at least gotten a good picture out of the horrible experience, that would have been something. But this. This is just terrible. I hope you are all refunded. I went to the Louisville AP and was a little disappointed that the guys didn’t mingle much, but after reading what happened in Cincinnati, I’m thankful for what we got. We did see the “pretty girls” being invited behind the curtain. Donnie was misleading there as well, saying “We’re coming out for more hugs!” His idea of more hugs was stopping for quick pix as he headed out the door. All the others guys had already left, so we headed out. I hope you get something out of VIP Nation! 🙁

  7. Corey Ann,

    I am so very sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve always wondered how they treated all of their guests. I figured it was something along those lines. Especially after reading the all of the tweets he posts about taking pictures and having cameras ready etc.

    Now regarding the rude posts….. Seriously, all paying guests should be treated equally. It’s not about looks at that point. I don’t care who you are. Everyone paid the same amount of money to spend the same amount of time at this so called” AFTER PARTY.” I’m a very attractive woman, and I would never, ever send something so rude or arrogant.

  8. I’m really sorry to hear that you & your friends went through that. But let me first say to “Anon”, you are such a hateful rude bitch! Corey Ann is being polite and I respect her for that but I’m not going to be. What a hateful thing to say. Most importantly though, it’s NOT TRUE! Corey Ann you are very beautiful and you are definitely one of the “pretty girls”. Some of the New Kids have acquired some pretty slutty groupies over the years who are willing to do ANYTHING just to be around them. It’s sad but true. I’m not saying ALL the girls that got picked were like that but you can believe those types of girls are always chosen and NOT because their “pretty” but b/c their pretty skanky. You can scan youtube and find a video or two of how Danny & Donnie treat those “fans” too. Like meat & nothing more. So Corey maybe you were treated so horribly b/c you’re too classy for them, or maybe you’re not slutty enough or maybe they actually have an excuse that doesn’t make them look like douchebags. But whatever it was, it was NOT because you’re not beautiful exactly how you are b/c indeed you are very VERY pretty!!! The guys should be embarrassed as hosts of this trailer park of a party and make it up to each & everyone of you! And a refund should’ve already been issued. Live nation & Donnie are responsible for the way they do “business” and that “after-party” was unacceptable right down to the horrible $2 photo. Photo booths at the mall come out better than those. They need to humble themselves and remember why they got where they’re at, they didn’t do it alone. We left them once when they got to full of themselves and we will do it again if they keep treating fans like an ATM machine instead of human beings!

  9. I am going to a meet and greet in may here in england, the VIP party is pre-show and no “After party” so i guess the guys have gave up on the “After party” idea….. will let you know how the meet and greet goes, hopefully will grab a kiss off at least joe, donnie and jordan! x

  10. Went to VIP in the UK at newcastle they never advertised an aftershow party but did invite all the very attractive ladies back… Not impressed esp when all we got for an extra 260 pound was a photo time in the bar without them and less than five mins in their company absolute disgrace. The only saving grace was that the actual show was amazing gutted about the rest tho