Authors Behaving Badly: How I Pissed Off Legions of Emily Giffin Fans

I am a reader.  I read a LOT.  I read so much that I am in Amazon Vine and I’ve often passed up pretty awesome gadgets and gizmos so that I could get a copy of a favorite authors new book.  One of those such books was Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  I read this while on vacation and enjoyed the read but didn’t love it.  For me, the works since Something Borrowed/Something Blue have not reached the bar set by those works (especially Something Blue) however I did appreciate that this novel did not glorify cheating, which the majority of her other works do.  I handed the book off to friends to read during the trip and we all agreed that it was a decent beach-esque read.  I now regret urging others to read this novel.

Around the time of the launch of the book, Emily had started posting and tweeting people urging them to buy her book to make her number one.  The first post kind of annoyed me because it made the fans seem like they were not good enough if she couldn’t reach #1, then her follow up post when finding out she was in fact #2 was equally as awful.  She had another post or two lamenting about it on her Facebook and on her Twitter and it frankly annoyed me to the point of commenting to friends that it was pretty diva like behavior and that there seemed to be an epidemic of crying over being second place (the Olympics were taking place at the same time).  It really turned me off and I was already starting to be sorry I had reviewed her book for Amazon and possibly helped even one person decide to purchase this novel.




This week, I noticed in my feed a link pop up to her Facebook talking about her husband being in a comment war against a reviewer on Amazon and how it wasn’t a 5 star review.  I don’t know why, but the whole idea of authors or people acting on their behalf (and I consider a spouse to also represent the author) and attacking reviewers make me ill.  Perhaps it’s because I am a part of Amazon Vine (have been since 2007) but I take reviews seriously.  I’ve thankfully (up until now!) never had to deal with an author attack due to my less than perfect review but I’ve been reading more and more cases of this happening online.  I rolled my eyes and shook my head and continued on with my work.  Then a following post appeared talking about how her husband was still at it, as if the first post didn’t get enough attention.  At this point I decided to head over to see what the heck kind of review could start this kind of nonsense.

Well… that doesn’t seem bad at all, certainly not attacking the author, tearing the book apart or even remotely spiteful.  Not at all what I was expecting to see.  I then continued to read to see what Emily’s husband had been saying and my jaw hit the proverbial floor.

*screen capture thanks to Book Goggles as it’s since been removed by Amazon*

One should note that the initial reply from Giffin’s husband was the same day as the review and the activity on the page was slow at best until Emily posted the below on her Facebook.  She did not link directly to the review (although it was linked in the comments by a few of her fans) but it was pretty easy to find, I did so without difficulty.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Now the claims are that she didn’t know about how awful her fans were being and that she never directed people to Amazon to attack (screen capture of this coming later in the post) but both of these comments got me to go looking for the review as well as many other fans.  Many I should note on her FB page were telling her this wasn’t a good idea and she should delete her posts, so not everyone was raising their proverbial pitchforks against the reviewer but one quick look at the comments on the review showed that an overwhelming amount of people were saying pretty awful things against this legitimate review.

At this point I had had enough.  I couldn’t stand the thought of the fact that my review could even get one person to buy her book so I decided to change the review.  I’ve done so in the past when my mind has changed on a product or book and never have had an issue with this in the least.  I changed my review from 4 to 1 star and stated why I did.  The novel was okay but I couldn’t in good faith support an author whom supports the kind of behavior that was going on with the initial 1 star review.  Since this item was a Vine product, I can’t simply delete the review.  I hit save and figured that while I was only one person, at least I’m not longer supporting an author whom encourages this kind of behavior from her husband and fans.

The first few comments surprised me – I didn’t think about my review being seen but I had forgotten about Emily pointing people to the one starred reviews, which would mean that mine would come up.  Crap.  I then went and looked at the comments on the other low starred reviews and saw that already her fandom was attacking.  I girded my loins and prepared for it to get ugly but initially, the support was mostly positive.  Then someone must have alerted Emily to the post as I was shocked to see my review pop up in my Facebook feed being blasted by Emily.

In the comment section, they were pretty quick to find my review and post it and the shitstorm on my review comment page ensued.  Granted, Emily did sort of attempt to call off the dogs but in the same respect she also pointed out my review and posted her feelings on my changing the rating (again, from 4 not 5 stars) which she is entitled to.  If she didn’t encourage bullying though, she would have deleted my review being linked on her page immediately like she did with any comments that supported her.  By this point there were a few people saying this needed to quit and the comments her fans were leaving were quite horrible.  At this point Emily’s assistant decided to jump in and defend Emily as well leaving quite a few comments that were pretty shocking coming from someone that represents the author on a professional level.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

This is just one of many comments that Katie left on my review (all she or Amazon has deleted).  However, at this point there were still quite a few people thinking that it was pretty crappy what was going on and supporting me and my right to my opinion on the book.  Then more crap hit Emily’s Facebook.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Personally there is no way that a 1 star review falls under my category of “most unfair things” but I guess that she should consider herself blessed for leading such a charmed life.  Here Emily directly is linking to my review with her assistants plea for fans to comment and defend her against “these” attacks.  Personally, I don’t view my review as attacking the author so much as stating my opinion but I gather that is subjective so I’ll take the “attack” hit.  However, the initial review by AvidReader does not remotely come close to attacking Emily in the least.  With a battle cry like this, Emily’s fans got even more rabid in their attacks against me and her assistant (CrimznTider) continued to do battle.  Most of these have been deleted by Amazon.

So now I’m a stalker, bigot and an infant.  There’s more mudslinging but I think this gives you the overall tone of the kind of comments that I was receiving from the fans of Ms. Giffin after she posted on her Facebook a link to my review. There was also tweets from her account as well regarding this.

 *screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Finally about 2 or so hours after this whole debacle started, Emily finally attempted to call the dogs off on Facebook.

In short order her husband also offered up his apology to me on my review, I did not see this placed on AvidReader’s review however and she’s the one that truly deserves it.

FINALLY!  Although the apology is not perfect but I appreciated him finally apologizing and it did seem to slow (NOT STOP) the attacks on Amazon.  At this time Emily’s assistant finally stopped her postings as well.  Around 11:00PM I received 3 different calls, all blocked, with one leaving a “delete your review!” voicemail and the second stating that I should just kill myself for being such a miserable person for attacking poor Emily.   REALLY?  And yes, I’m talking with the cops about this already.  I mean that’s Misery kind of fan territory.  Not long after I heard a loud bang on my deck and I was legitimately scared that it was a gunshot.  Far fetched maybe but this was quickly sinking into WTF territory.

I went to bed last night shaking my head and completely baffled and amazed at what a turn this whole day took.   When I woke up I decided to check Emily’s Facebook page to see if she’d posted any sort of apology or whatnot but I found this instead.

I just… I don’t… WHAT?  She has also deleted all of her postings regarding the reviews, which is probably a good thing on her end.  I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this remotely and it’s pretty unfathomable that you would even begin to entertain the idea that someone would ENJOY the shitstorm I’ve endured over the past day.  For the record, Emily posted a link to my review directly asking for people to come support the attack against her.  That’s not saying gang up but it was all but spelled out

Here’s hoping this dies a quiet death.  I for one will never read another Giffin novel and I am happy to hear that others are doing the same.


Pipe dreams, they are lovely things to have aren’t they?  The only apology I have received from her camp is on my review, she has not reached out to me other than on that platform and that was her husband, not her, unless the account really is hers.  Again, I don’t deserve what happened to me because I dared to change a review.  I also will not be bullied into changing or deleting my review because that’s what Emily thinks is best.  If she didn’t want the drama to continue, she would stop making posts such as these. Sure, I’m adding to the fire now by posting these screen caps but damnit, I’m furious.  I think most would be too if they were in my shoes.


I started getting negative comments on this blog post and low and behold, Emily is making vaguebook status updates.  It’s interesting how I am always able to figure it out when things have hit her Facebook when there is an uptick in negative feedback.

Also for those asking, yes I have been to the police station today regarding the voice mails and cyber bullying.


After thinking on this whole disaster this evening, I wondered how I could turn this into something positive.  I wished there was a charity for me to donate books to children that are bullied as a child I always lost myself in books when I was bullied in school.  I still do it as an escape from reality.  Since such a charity doesn’t exist (anyone want to start one?) I’m donating to the Megan Meier Foundation instead.  Megan Meier is the girl who killed herself after being cyber bullied on MySpace, a story which still saddens me.  I donated $614: a dollar for every downvote I received (278 – is that a record?) as well as AvidReader (78) and another dollar for every comment on the review (201 for me, 57 for AvidReader).  Granted, not every comment was bullying but I don’t care to go in and figure it all out as reliving those comments is not an ideal way to spend my evening.

I hope this is the end of this, I really do.


My review has been removed from the book page of Where We Belong.  You can still access it by clicking on the direct link but it is “gone” for all intents and purposes.  I did not do this, it was on Amazon’s end of things.

UPDATE #5 (December 30, 2012)

Ha, you thought it was all done.  Well, it is but I thought that instead of a new blog post, I’d finish up the “resolution” to this whole debacle as well as finally answer the question of what happened to AvidReader.

• Amazon took down my review of Where We Belong completely, however it still counts toward my Vine reviews so I didn’t have to review it again to stay under my percentage goals.  Huzzah.  Although, reviewing it again could have been interesting as I’m sorry but there’s no way on earth that my debacle wouldn’t have influenced my views in the least.  I know some don’t approve but in the same regards I tend to give authors I adore a kinder/better review based on my love of them so IMHO it can go both ways.

• I never had a direct apology in any form from Emily.  The only apology I got was from her publicist, whom did eventually contact me but it wasn’t on her behalf, more or less was trying to get me to take down this blog.  I refused and he was polite about my refusal.  They did release a somewhat public apology in The Atlantic.

• Despite accusations to the contrary, AvidReader is *not* some stalker of Emily Giffin’s, nor a psycho.  Instead she is a college student who used an email she doesn’t check during the school year for her Amazon profile.  When she got home for the holidays and checked her not-often-read email, she was surprised to see what kind of fuss became of her review.  She contacted me to thank me for supporting her and was glad that she missed all of the drama.  I’m SO glad to hear from her and know she is OK.  I was concerned but hoped something like this was the case.

• Finally I want to say a huge thank you to the authors and fellow reviewers that reached out to me during this mess.  I was stunned, surprised and humbled by your overwhelming support.  I’ve gained a lot of respect for you all and I’m glad to know that some of my favorite authors are on my team and I’ve also discovered a few new ones that I want to support.  It was a crazy ordeal and I couldn’t have asked for kinder people to be in my corner.

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe what I just read. Who knew that something so simple as a book review could piss off the whole entire Giffin fandome. I personally would be proud of that accomplishment. I think you just created a new Guinness World Record 🙂 It’s a good thing she (or her husband/assistant/any close friends) doesn’t go on Goodreads!

    I just want to say that I admire you sticking to your beliefs. I have never read anything by Giffin, and I don’t think I ever will (of course that has nothing to do with this blog, I’m just more in to paranormal books). It takes a lot of strength and courage to not back down from people bulling you. I can’t believe that this happened to you! After all, its just a book, and no one will remember it in a couple of years.

    And all of this for changing a review? Good God, then I would be in deep shit. For example, my 13-year-old-self wrote a glorious review for Twilight, which (of course) was rewritten once I attained a greater age of wisdom.

    Emily Giffin should understand that not everyone is going to love her books. She should respect those who don’t like them. If everyone liked the same things, the world would be a boring place. Everyone has different interests and opinions, and that’s what make us all unique individuals.

    My hats are off to you! Good luck in the future!

  2. I know it’s been a few weeks since this whole debacle but I’m just catching up. I am absolutely floored by the behavior of this author. I have enjoyed her work in the past, and I had looked forward to this one in particular being that I am close to the subject matter and wanted to see how it was tackled. In fact, this was one of my favorites as I thought she did a pretty damn good job with it. However, after reading this, it makes me want to take back every single positive thing I’ve ever said about her. I realized that I read your review on Amazon weeks ago without the replies and didn’t think much about it, it was just an honest review. The comments made by her husband and her camp were completely ridiculous and out of line. But her posts about not making it to #1 on NYT is what cinched this for me. As a writer trying to tackle my first novel, I’d be happy if more that my relatives bought it and enjoyed it, forget about the NYT list! What a narcissistic bitch! You did NOT deserve any of this based on your original review and she most certainly should address her fans behavior towards you. Death threats? Ugh I’m embarrassed to even admit I was one of them. I am so sorry this went down. Thank you for being honest from the get go. We all need the truth even if it isn’t so pretty and only makes us #2 🙂

  3. Wow, I can’t believe an author, her husband and her assistant would resort to this kind of behavior because of an honest review. You’ve got my support.

  4. One thing that puts this overblown mess into perspective is the simple fact that it is impossible to put any faith in Amazon reviews when it is well known that there are businesses that write a glowing review (or twelve) for a fee. There are far more important things to obsess over, such as cupcakes.

  5. *sarcastic* Who’s Emily Griffin?

    She might be surprised to know that she’s not known by all humanity and unless she wins the Booker Prize or the Nobel Prize for literature, I’m unlikely to read any of her books.

    I’m so sorry that you went through this Corey Ann as many bad vibes that have been aimed in your direction, I aim good ones. I, too, have been victim to idiots like this and they’re cowards. They hide behind a keyboard and issue threats without knowing the damage they cause.

  6. Well, I was just blown away that if you were receiving threatening phone calls, her FIRST suggestion was that you remove the review. Calling the police was SECONDARY. I think that says all that needs to be said about her intentions right there.

    You’ve really got to wonder about the kind of energy being put out that would attract this type of rabid fandom. I’ve never read this woman and I never will after reading about this episode. I don’t think burning the books would have been such a bad idea. Kind of a purification ceremony. But seeing them go throuhg the shredder might be good, too.

  7. Wow Corey, this is definitely shocking. While I still respect Emily Giffin’s literary works (she’s written some of my favorites of all time) this all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. For the record, I agree with your original review. I reviewed WWB as well on my blog last week and had similar things to say. While I enjoyed it and thought it was good (I would even recommend it) I did not think it was excellent or as good as some of her previous works. But again, that is my own personal opinion and others may think it is her best book yet! But the important thing is that we are all entitled to our own OPINION. Emily Giffin has always been one of my favorite authors but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by all of this…and I’m not saying this is all Giffin’s fault, but it probably would have been best if she just left well enough alone.

  8. Wow Corey! I am reading your story and realised the bullets I dodged when I had an author turn on one of my review. I am always floored when supposedly professional authors have such public hissy fits. Although, her book probably reached the allusive #1 spot she was crying out for as a result *shakes her head at the low tactics used to get to #1*

  9. WOW!! I wonder if she is “using” all these negative comments to make herself be #1 on the Best Sellers list? She keeps saying more about “the comments” and to “remove your post” . I have to say I will NEVER purchase or read ANY of her books……EVER!! We do have the right to change our minds, after we think about something too! Boo hoo to EG!! I bet if she got threats, she would STILL carry on with her literary attack against you!!!

  10. Holy !$#@@#%@#~!!!!!

    Honestly, my own experience with EG is that she’s a nasty bully who encourages her rabid minions to hate on people. Lame example, but the whole Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie thing. EG loves JA and therefore HATES AJ, and she posts snarky crap about AJ and encourages her followers to post further nasty crap about AJ. Yeah, it’s kind of nbd, but it also speaks to her character that she likes to snark on people — and ENCOURAGES OTHERS TO DO SO. Just Queen Bee/Mean Girl behavior.

    Another I’m sorry this happened to you, it’s unbelievable! Thank you for going public, not backing down, and doing the right thing! I would love to donate $9 to any cause you suggest for anti-bullying (I donate $9 on the 9th of every month).

  11. I’m just baffled by the misuse of ellipses in her statues. Not relevant to discussion, I know, but wow. That’s a lot of unnecessary […].

  12. Wow! What else can you say to this. I’ve never read her books, so what type of author she is, I cannot say, but this is just really amazing (and not in a positive way) behavior. Most of us would give or left hand to make it to the top 100, so this just floors me. Perhaps a little humbleness, gratitude for the fans that lifted you to the #2 spot? Completely unacceptable. So sorry you were subjected to such ego.


  13. Corey, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope things have died down for you and your life is returning to normal. You’ve taught many authors a valuable lesson in how to treat their readers (and how not to!). Thank you for your courage.

  14. What an asshat of an author. And this author is signed with a major publishing company? Really? Now she has some publicity on how desperate she is thanks to your blog. Did authors act like this before the Kindle? It seems the e-readers have made writers lose their mind.

    Sorry if you guys didn’t know the meaning of asshat here it is.
    One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat. Asshat

    A person, of either gender, whose behavior displays such ignorance/obnoxiousness that you would like to make them wear their own ass as a hat.

  15. Corey,
    Thanks for this post – it really points to some troubling online trends, and I’m glad that there are people like you who stand up when famous people allow and encourage bullying (whether knowingly or not…though it seems that Emily Giffin should have figured it out sooner than she did).

    I’m also putting together a teaching internship that would help students see how issues like this affect writers, and I think your post is an excellent case study of “the web gone wrong.”


  16. I know this is an old topic at this point but I wanted to comment anyway. I recognize the passive-aggressive tactics on the part of Emily Giffen because I grew up with an extremely passive-aggressive person and thus have spent a lifetime noting the signs and running from those I encounter whose behavior triggers memories of the endless interactions with my P-A relative. Emily Giffen is quite obviously an EXTREMELY passive-aggressive person, judging by this debacle.

    I have never read any of Emily Giffen’s books because I don’t like that sort of shallow fluff , but I would pass up even a free copy at this point. Given my experience with passive-aggressive people and from all I read about this exchange I am willing to bet the farm that Emily Giffen wrote that review herself and only later pinned it on her husband. The way she alluded to him being on his computer and the laughably farcical avowal that she refused to look all point directly to a ruse in which she is working hard to make her readers believe she had nothing to do with it.

    And what’s more gleefully pleased, passive-aggressive and self-serving then to suggest you take down your review rather than her calling off the dogs she sicced on you? All of it positively reeks of deceit and I have to wonder if she didn’t actually enjoy that her so loyal fans went so far in defending her. This type of person enjoys the misfortune of others and loathes the success of others. Her husband? Who knows what he is really like but whatever his part in this, I doubt he penned that first attack.

  17. I am so sorry to read this awful story. Unbelievable how mature people could act. I really find it repulsieve to attack somebody else just for expressing his/her opinion. But this is probably, why I never ever read the so called `chic lit`books. They are worthless (majority of them) and waste of time. And the writers of those…well…I`d rather not say it out loud. I am addictic reader..can`t live without books..but I try to read the good things. Try some real authors..If you didn`t read yet I recommend Gabriel García Márquez, Leo Tolstoy, Sigrid Undset, Scott Fitzgerald…just few of so many great names!! regards, Loes

  18. Wow, I’m sorry this happened to you! I read some of her books but didn’t love them. I followed her on Facebook a couple of months ago but ended up unliking her because I just got uncomfortable reading some of her posts. We’re all entitled to our opinions and that is the purpose of a review. I can’t believe that’s how she responded to the situation, especially with people harassing you. Thanks again for sharing, not going to support an author like this.

  19. Reading your blog and your story absolutely confirmed for me that Chick Lit is not to be taken seriously, but instead is anti-feminist pro-diva word pulp. Who wants to be an ‘author’ like this, with these kinds of ‘fans?’ I’d rather be a writer with readers.

    And yes, an ethical writer will allow bad reviews. I imagine her books are as fluffy and dramatic as was her pathetically bad behavior was towards you.

  20. People should be able to review a book or product honestly without being attacked for it. Years ago I wrote a review about the movie The Breakup specifying how I did not enjoy the movie, and I thought the relationship between the characters was shallow. I had someone reply back that I had never been in a real adult relationship, and people fought over things all the time like the characters in the movie. Great, if that is the norm of your relationships, then carry on, but I reviewed the movie as not being great in my opinion because I do not enjoy those kind of interactions. Most authors or movie producers should welcome honest reviews. Now in the case where the guy called the reviewer a psycho that is actually against Amazon TOS, and I would have flagged that comment.

  21. Can I just tell you how much support I have for you. I have been reading Emily Giffin for years and I’ve read all her books (you can do that sort of thing in about 2 weeks). She is a good writer. Very good at back story. I even went to one of her signings and started following her on Facebook.

    The thing is, the more I followed her on FB, the more I realized how incredibly self-absorbed she is. With the constant me-me-me posts. She needs to take a BIG bite of a large humble pie. I stopped following her posts, because she was just so blatantly obvious in love with herself. I still read her last book anyway, Where We Belong.

    Now this is the important part: Some people think that books shouldn’t be judged on an author’s personal life. This is mostly true, but in Giffin’s case, not so much. Here’s why, just like scholars studying Jane Austen’s life to get a better understanding of her work, the same works for Emily Giffin. My review of her novel related to how I viewed her public personality. Her books have become shallow, just as she has. WWB had shallow and under-developed characters. All of the mother characters were also never fully realized either. It wasn’t a good book and it so aligned with her behavior.

  22. Hi Corey!

    I commented a bunch of times on this blog entry back in August when this happened. So interesting coming back to read it and seeing an update. Glad that you used the word “resolution” to that last entry. Now you dont have to waste your time on that bs. I saw that authors supported offered you their support. You didnt name them but I was curious to know who they are. I would like to support them if I havent read their books before! Who were they? I’m looking for new books to read and add to my 2013 list of books to read. You can email it to me if you would like. And any other recommendations that you have would be great! I’ve been checking Goodreads all morning for different authors since I have the day off.

    Thanks and all the best to you!


  23. I know my comment is being posted several months after the fact, but I only just came across this blog today in a link on facebook.

    First, I hope you’re doing okay. Getting creepy death threats over the phone is no laughing matter and is seriously scary. I hope the call was traced and appropriate action has been taken.

    Second, yeah, writing something and putting it out there is a difficult thing. Any author worth their salt would have people around them, critiquing their writing, so they can improve and put out the best product they can create. Good, honest feedback is worth far more than overabundant flattery. You can do something with solid feedback. Not so with shameless flattery. If authors can’t take someone from the general public not liking their work, then they shouldn’t read reviews. They should know this about themselves and make sure their loved ones know that they aren’t interested in being made aware of those reviews.

    I’d be turned off of an author, or any public figure, if they behaved so badly. If that truly were her husband and her assistant who ranted off like that, she should have dismissed herself from the situation altogether and not mentioned a thing. She should have handled it privately and asked both of them to remove their insulting posts. Instead, she not only hurt you and avidreader, she hurt herself. What a waste of not only your time, but her time as well. Time that she could have used to write a better book.

    By the way, although I did see Something Borrowed, I’ve never read any of her books, but then I don’t often read in her genre.

    Again, I hope you’re okay. What a disturbing ordeal to experience.

    1. Awwww you are so sweet!!!

      I’m fine. I’m definitely still turned off and when I see her books I groan but other than that I’m doing well. I’m also SO relieved to hear that Avid Reader is well and had no clue what was going on, whew!

      If it were my husband, I’d have taken his computer away from him. To be quite honest, I’m still not 100% sold on the fact it was him since it was her account that she’s used to blast others in the past. No one will ever know though.

      Thanks for your comment!

  24. Given Emily Giffin’s bad behavior and her attack on you, I will not be reading any of her books, ever again. I’m so sorry you went through this, but I can tell you are a strong woman and I’m so proud of you that you stood up for yourself. Bravo to you. Take care, Corey.

  25. Cory:
    I came across your page while I look for books of Emily Giffin, anyways it looks like I have read them all already. That being said, it is obvious that I enjoyed her books, although I do recognize they are not excellent books, they are very “refreshing” the type of books I like to read between classics perhaps. Anyways I had no idea of Emily’s childish behavior….it is shocking. I’m very disappointed and hope you don’t have to ever deal again with these crazy fans of Giffin, or anyone related to her.

  26. Wow. Just read about this whole debacle and I don’t blame you for being outraged. I’m outraged for you! As an up-and-coming author (just signed with an agent, so fingers crossed), I find there can be valuable information in negative reviews, even if they may sting a little at first. My sister-in-law literally trashed my attempt at my first novel when I asked her to read it for me, but she did have many valid points, which I incorporated into my rewrite. I routinely read the one star reviews which help me immensely on what not to do and gain insight into what readers like, so thank you to all of you! Regarding this Emily author, have you considered that she and the husband are one and the same? The whole situation is just too bizarre for them not to be.

  27. What an ordeal.

    Corey, as long as you enjoy reviewing and get something from it, keep posting your honest reviews. Stick to your guns. I can see why the author and her fans may have not liked what you wrote, but it appears to come from an honest place, which is important. If the review seemed spiteful and a personal attack, then I could better understand the backlash. But it doesn’t appear to be such a review.

    There’s gonna be crazies out there who find fault with any turn of phrase one may write, but just do you best and try not to let it get to you.

    ~ Kort

  28. Wow. A friend of mine posted this on FB, which is how I arrived here.

    I’ve never even heard of this writer — I don’t read much contemporary non-genre fiction — but I don’t see myself adding her to any reading lists in the near future. How nasty and unprofessional and even sadder, no willingness to defend YOUR right to express YOUR opinions. Apparently if you were receiving death threats, you deserved them. Gee whiz.

    I’m sorry you went through this and I hope it’s over.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      It is over for the most part. I’ll get the occasional nasty comment but it seems to have dropped off 🙂

  29. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until almost a year after it happened. Emily Giffen was someone I look for for a light read. Her books are the kind that aren’t the best, but good for a rainy Sunday. I was actually looking her up to see if she has anything new out lately, although like a lot of people I did not like Where We Belong. I thought it would be interesting to see it from two points of view, but she could not do it. Similar to her other book Heart of The Matter, especially because she changed the point of view from first person to third person. It’s enough to throw a person off. However, even though I did not like those two books, I figured I did like Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof (I liked Baby Proof because I also don’t want kids) that I would keep checking out her work.

    After reading this blog post though, I don’t think I will be. I will keep the three books I have since I did enjoy them enough, and I don’t throw books out. I just cannot believe an author and her husband would react like this. She downplayed the whole death threat thing like it was nothing. Books, even from great authors (and she isn’t one) get negative reviews. JK Rowling isn’t the best there is, but I love her anyway and she knows there are people out there who hate Harry Potter, but I doubt she or her husband would ever do anything like this. This is horrible from a person who wants fans to keep reading her books. Perhaps she doesn’t care about losing fans now that she has five or six books out now.

    After reading this kind of behaviour, I do have to wonder what kind of person she is judging by her characters. A lot of authors whether they realize it or not put themselves into their characters. A lot of her characters are shallow and bitchy and there is always a mention of affairs going on. I accepted Something Borrowed because it was the first out of her books, and even Something Blue since she was doing a spin off on Darcy who Rachel mentioned had cheated. Then the rest of her books followed this pattern. Jess in Baby Proof. It happened in Heart of the Matter, and even talked about Dex and Rachels relationship since the main character is Dex’s sister. I can’t remember (I had a hard time getting through Where We Belong) if Where We Belong had it, but it likely did. I’m not about to read through it again to find out either. I also have not read her other one. But I think the title is the Love the You With, so I’m assuming there is some cheating going on there.

    I mean, why all the books about affairs? I read a lot of chick lit, as well as other fiction books and usually from the same author. I’ve read a few authors who have touched on the cheating topic, but they leave it at one book. They go into all kinds of topics. So why all the cheating Emily?

    I’m sorry this happened to you. I love writing myself as a hobby, I doubt I’d ever get anything published, I feel I am mediocre so I just write for me. However, if I ever did get something published I know I wouldn’t behave this way over one reviews. I am a loser who writes on and some of my stories have gotten bad reviews, and I learn from them. You’d think someone like Emily who actually writes her own stories and wants a huge fanbase would be like that instead of insulting people.

    I actually agree with you 100% for changing your review and the person who told you to grow up needs to take a good long look in the mirror for attacking you. As for Emily, she needs to learn that NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE HER BOOKS.

    1. Emily was definitely an “escape” author for me too. I didn’t read her to gain great knowledge but just to escape or have a fun little getaway from heavier reading. I really enjoyed Something Borrowed/Something Blue and Baby Proof but even though I’ve not been a big fan of her releases since then, I still read her works. I couldn’t bring myself to toss her books out but I did donate them. When I saw them on my “favorites” shelf, I would get stabby. LOL

      A year later I’m still a bit shocked myself that this all happened. I had no idea that she would even NOTICE my change of review (since there were hundreds at that point) nor care. Ha, little did I know!!!

      There is cheating in all of her books but Where We Belong, Love the One You’re With is probably the worst of the lot. I actually read Something Blue first, so I was OK with the plot of the first book when I read it but generally for me cheating is a turn off. I don’t know why but it has always rubbed me the wrong way. I know people cheat but I never have (not even in grade school lol) and I can’t imagine why people glorify something that hurts so many.

      While I don’t write, I am an “artist” (photographer) and I know better than to ask for critiques because I know I take things to heart. I can’t imagine why Emily/her husband would go looking for such things if they know they hurt them. Focus on the good? I dunno. A year later and I still haven’t made much sense of it but I’ve made peace with it.

      Thank you for your comment!

  30. Very late on the bandwagon here but this Griffin person’s behavior was deplorable. For a seasoned professional she should know better. The original review by Avid Reader was fine, it was a review of the book and I didn’t see any “personal” or “malicious” attacks. I think Griffin must think anything but ass-kissing is the same as malicious hating. God, she comes off as SPOILED. A spoiled, spoiled woman/brat.

    She should have smacked her husband (if he was indeed behind the posting — and BTW, why did he keep HARPING on the “only wrote one review in his life” stuff? And how he assumed AvidReader was a GUY, too. Male privilege much?) and issued a prompt apology supporting freedom of speech and opinion. Period.