Authors Behaving Badly: How I Pissed Off Legions of Emily Giffin Fans

I am a reader.  I read a LOT.  I read so much that I am in Amazon Vine and I’ve often passed up pretty awesome gadgets and gizmos so that I could get a copy of a favorite authors new book.  One of those such books was Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  I read this while on vacation and enjoyed the read but didn’t love it.  For me, the works since Something Borrowed/Something Blue have not reached the bar set by those works (especially Something Blue) however I did appreciate that this novel did not glorify cheating, which the majority of her other works do.  I handed the book off to friends to read during the trip and we all agreed that it was a decent beach-esque read.  I now regret urging others to read this novel.

Around the time of the launch of the book, Emily had started posting and tweeting people urging them to buy her book to make her number one.  The first post kind of annoyed me because it made the fans seem like they were not good enough if she couldn’t reach #1, then her follow up post when finding out she was in fact #2 was equally as awful.  She had another post or two lamenting about it on her Facebook and on her Twitter and it frankly annoyed me to the point of commenting to friends that it was pretty diva like behavior and that there seemed to be an epidemic of crying over being second place (the Olympics were taking place at the same time).  It really turned me off and I was already starting to be sorry I had reviewed her book for Amazon and possibly helped even one person decide to purchase this novel.




This week, I noticed in my feed a link pop up to her Facebook talking about her husband being in a comment war against a reviewer on Amazon and how it wasn’t a 5 star review.  I don’t know why, but the whole idea of authors or people acting on their behalf (and I consider a spouse to also represent the author) and attacking reviewers make me ill.  Perhaps it’s because I am a part of Amazon Vine (have been since 2007) but I take reviews seriously.  I’ve thankfully (up until now!) never had to deal with an author attack due to my less than perfect review but I’ve been reading more and more cases of this happening online.  I rolled my eyes and shook my head and continued on with my work.  Then a following post appeared talking about how her husband was still at it, as if the first post didn’t get enough attention.  At this point I decided to head over to see what the heck kind of review could start this kind of nonsense.

Well… that doesn’t seem bad at all, certainly not attacking the author, tearing the book apart or even remotely spiteful.  Not at all what I was expecting to see.  I then continued to read to see what Emily’s husband had been saying and my jaw hit the proverbial floor.

*screen capture thanks to Book Goggles as it’s since been removed by Amazon*

One should note that the initial reply from Giffin’s husband was the same day as the review and the activity on the page was slow at best until Emily posted the below on her Facebook.  She did not link directly to the review (although it was linked in the comments by a few of her fans) but it was pretty easy to find, I did so without difficulty.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Now the claims are that she didn’t know about how awful her fans were being and that she never directed people to Amazon to attack (screen capture of this coming later in the post) but both of these comments got me to go looking for the review as well as many other fans.  Many I should note on her FB page were telling her this wasn’t a good idea and she should delete her posts, so not everyone was raising their proverbial pitchforks against the reviewer but one quick look at the comments on the review showed that an overwhelming amount of people were saying pretty awful things against this legitimate review.

At this point I had had enough.  I couldn’t stand the thought of the fact that my review could even get one person to buy her book so I decided to change the review.  I’ve done so in the past when my mind has changed on a product or book and never have had an issue with this in the least.  I changed my review from 4 to 1 star and stated why I did.  The novel was okay but I couldn’t in good faith support an author whom supports the kind of behavior that was going on with the initial 1 star review.  Since this item was a Vine product, I can’t simply delete the review.  I hit save and figured that while I was only one person, at least I’m not longer supporting an author whom encourages this kind of behavior from her husband and fans.

The first few comments surprised me – I didn’t think about my review being seen but I had forgotten about Emily pointing people to the one starred reviews, which would mean that mine would come up.  Crap.  I then went and looked at the comments on the other low starred reviews and saw that already her fandom was attacking.  I girded my loins and prepared for it to get ugly but initially, the support was mostly positive.  Then someone must have alerted Emily to the post as I was shocked to see my review pop up in my Facebook feed being blasted by Emily.

In the comment section, they were pretty quick to find my review and post it and the shitstorm on my review comment page ensued.  Granted, Emily did sort of attempt to call off the dogs but in the same respect she also pointed out my review and posted her feelings on my changing the rating (again, from 4 not 5 stars) which she is entitled to.  If she didn’t encourage bullying though, she would have deleted my review being linked on her page immediately like she did with any comments that supported her.  By this point there were a few people saying this needed to quit and the comments her fans were leaving were quite horrible.  At this point Emily’s assistant decided to jump in and defend Emily as well leaving quite a few comments that were pretty shocking coming from someone that represents the author on a professional level.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

This is just one of many comments that Katie left on my review (all she or Amazon has deleted).  However, at this point there were still quite a few people thinking that it was pretty crappy what was going on and supporting me and my right to my opinion on the book.  Then more crap hit Emily’s Facebook.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Personally there is no way that a 1 star review falls under my category of “most unfair things” but I guess that she should consider herself blessed for leading such a charmed life.  Here Emily directly is linking to my review with her assistants plea for fans to comment and defend her against “these” attacks.  Personally, I don’t view my review as attacking the author so much as stating my opinion but I gather that is subjective so I’ll take the “attack” hit.  However, the initial review by AvidReader does not remotely come close to attacking Emily in the least.  With a battle cry like this, Emily’s fans got even more rabid in their attacks against me and her assistant (CrimznTider) continued to do battle.  Most of these have been deleted by Amazon.

So now I’m a stalker, bigot and an infant.  There’s more mudslinging but I think this gives you the overall tone of the kind of comments that I was receiving from the fans of Ms. Giffin after she posted on her Facebook a link to my review. There was also tweets from her account as well regarding this.

 *screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Finally about 2 or so hours after this whole debacle started, Emily finally attempted to call the dogs off on Facebook.

In short order her husband also offered up his apology to me on my review, I did not see this placed on AvidReader’s review however and she’s the one that truly deserves it.

FINALLY!  Although the apology is not perfect but I appreciated him finally apologizing and it did seem to slow (NOT STOP) the attacks on Amazon.  At this time Emily’s assistant finally stopped her postings as well.  Around 11:00PM I received 3 different calls, all blocked, with one leaving a “delete your review!” voicemail and the second stating that I should just kill myself for being such a miserable person for attacking poor Emily.   REALLY?  And yes, I’m talking with the cops about this already.  I mean that’s Misery kind of fan territory.  Not long after I heard a loud bang on my deck and I was legitimately scared that it was a gunshot.  Far fetched maybe but this was quickly sinking into WTF territory.

I went to bed last night shaking my head and completely baffled and amazed at what a turn this whole day took.   When I woke up I decided to check Emily’s Facebook page to see if she’d posted any sort of apology or whatnot but I found this instead.

I just… I don’t… WHAT?  She has also deleted all of her postings regarding the reviews, which is probably a good thing on her end.  I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this remotely and it’s pretty unfathomable that you would even begin to entertain the idea that someone would ENJOY the shitstorm I’ve endured over the past day.  For the record, Emily posted a link to my review directly asking for people to come support the attack against her.  That’s not saying gang up but it was all but spelled out

Here’s hoping this dies a quiet death.  I for one will never read another Giffin novel and I am happy to hear that others are doing the same.


Pipe dreams, they are lovely things to have aren’t they?  The only apology I have received from her camp is on my review, she has not reached out to me other than on that platform and that was her husband, not her, unless the account really is hers.  Again, I don’t deserve what happened to me because I dared to change a review.  I also will not be bullied into changing or deleting my review because that’s what Emily thinks is best.  If she didn’t want the drama to continue, she would stop making posts such as these. Sure, I’m adding to the fire now by posting these screen caps but damnit, I’m furious.  I think most would be too if they were in my shoes.


I started getting negative comments on this blog post and low and behold, Emily is making vaguebook status updates.  It’s interesting how I am always able to figure it out when things have hit her Facebook when there is an uptick in negative feedback.

Also for those asking, yes I have been to the police station today regarding the voice mails and cyber bullying.


After thinking on this whole disaster this evening, I wondered how I could turn this into something positive.  I wished there was a charity for me to donate books to children that are bullied as a child I always lost myself in books when I was bullied in school.  I still do it as an escape from reality.  Since such a charity doesn’t exist (anyone want to start one?) I’m donating to the Megan Meier Foundation instead.  Megan Meier is the girl who killed herself after being cyber bullied on MySpace, a story which still saddens me.  I donated $614: a dollar for every downvote I received (278 – is that a record?) as well as AvidReader (78) and another dollar for every comment on the review (201 for me, 57 for AvidReader).  Granted, not every comment was bullying but I don’t care to go in and figure it all out as reliving those comments is not an ideal way to spend my evening.

I hope this is the end of this, I really do.


My review has been removed from the book page of Where We Belong.  You can still access it by clicking on the direct link but it is “gone” for all intents and purposes.  I did not do this, it was on Amazon’s end of things.

UPDATE #5 (December 30, 2012)

Ha, you thought it was all done.  Well, it is but I thought that instead of a new blog post, I’d finish up the “resolution” to this whole debacle as well as finally answer the question of what happened to AvidReader.

• Amazon took down my review of Where We Belong completely, however it still counts toward my Vine reviews so I didn’t have to review it again to stay under my percentage goals.  Huzzah.  Although, reviewing it again could have been interesting as I’m sorry but there’s no way on earth that my debacle wouldn’t have influenced my views in the least.  I know some don’t approve but in the same regards I tend to give authors I adore a kinder/better review based on my love of them so IMHO it can go both ways.

• I never had a direct apology in any form from Emily.  The only apology I got was from her publicist, whom did eventually contact me but it wasn’t on her behalf, more or less was trying to get me to take down this blog.  I refused and he was polite about my refusal.  They did release a somewhat public apology in The Atlantic.

• Despite accusations to the contrary, AvidReader is *not* some stalker of Emily Giffin’s, nor a psycho.  Instead she is a college student who used an email she doesn’t check during the school year for her Amazon profile.  When she got home for the holidays and checked her not-often-read email, she was surprised to see what kind of fuss became of her review.  She contacted me to thank me for supporting her and was glad that she missed all of the drama.  I’m SO glad to hear from her and know she is OK.  I was concerned but hoped something like this was the case.

• Finally I want to say a huge thank you to the authors and fellow reviewers that reached out to me during this mess.  I was stunned, surprised and humbled by your overwhelming support.  I’ve gained a lot of respect for you all and I’m glad to know that some of my favorite authors are on my team and I’ve also discovered a few new ones that I want to support.  It was a crazy ordeal and I couldn’t have asked for kinder people to be in my corner.

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  1. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior from a professional author.

    Thank you so much for being brave enough to not only share your story, but stand by it when the bullies decided to invade.

    I, for one, will never, ever read another Emily Griffen story.

  2. Wow, this is disgusting. I adore Emily Giffin – or I did, actually. I too found that her books after Something Borrowed/Something Blue were just not the same, not as good. However, I think Giffin’s response and all this controversy is just insane. Giffin has taken it way too far. What the heck is her husband doing replying to bad reviews? Just, what? Do authors really think it’s clever/big of them to respond to negative reviews? Don’t they get that we’re allowed to have opinions and – gosh – we might not like every single book we ever read?

    It makes it so much worse when Giffin clearly has so much influence. How she can try and justify her posts on Facebook and how she didn’t send her fans to your review/blog post is absurd. It’s just bullying behavior and Giffin should be ashamed of herself.

    I am so sorry this has happened to you – to get phone calls threatening death is just disgusting, so so disgusting, and I really hope the police can catch who phoned you.

    This is exactly why I am now wondering whether writing negative reviews is worth it. I have literally just finished a book I hated, but I know as soon as the review goes live, I’ll be attacked because of it, because I disliked the book. Because I felt it just didn’t work how the author had written it. It’s just so horrid. Readers should be allowed to speak their mind whether it’s good or bad. Everyone gets negative reviews, and it’s up to the authors to just put up with it and keep quiet on the subject. No, it’s probably not nice to get a one-star review, but to respond the way Giffin responded is just wrong. She should be ashamed and she should be calling you up to apologise personally.

    I think you have given your side of the story perfectly, and with all the facts (and screenshots) so really Giffin has no leg to stand on. She’s come out of this badly, so badly, and I will think twice before reading Where We Belong.

    1. At least I can rest assured that this was a one-off, I’ve written negative reviews before without incident. I’ve never even had more than one or two comments on my reviews before so I hope this is an isolated incident but I have a feeling that Emily’s fans will be following me from now on and having something to say when I give something a less than perfect review if they loved the book (or at the very least a downvote out of spite). I know it IS becoming more popular though to attack negative reviews as I’ve found out since this all started but maybe this story will help put an end to that.

  3. As a former Giffin fan, I support you!

    (Former because her recent works have been terrible, not only because her lack of taking responsibility for really fanning this fire.)

  4. Thank you for enlightening us. Picked this up via Twitter. I’ve never read an Emily Giffen novel but I doubt I’ll be venturing down that road in the future. I am sorry you had to endure this. I review stuff too – books, music etc and yes, its a pain when people take things personally. She sounds a horrible person so it’s probably one set of works I wont be exploring. Thanks for the heads-up. Very bad behaviour for an author me thinks……..

  5. It’s horrible that it all came down to death threats from fans of an author who supported and seemed to encourage that kind of behavior and never seemed to really want to own up and take responsibility for encouraging such behaviors. Worse that a grown man as her husband seems to be the one taking as much of the lead as Griffin has. Personally if I had a review like yours as well as the review the one from the first reviewer I’d accept it and consider what I could do better as a writer. I still stand with my belief that if criticism can’t be accepted with the compliments then the writer/author should rethink their career.

  6. Wow! I really liked Giffin’s Something Borrowed and Something Blue (and not so much anything since then), and reading your saga has reduced my 0pinion of the author. She has behaved like a child, from the early self-serving tweets/messages to the Amazon review debacle. I do believe that some authors can respond to negative critcisim well (such Patrick Somerville’s response to a negative NYT review), but it has to be done very carefully. Overall, though, it’s not usually worth it to even try to respond. Letters of Note recently featured a 1961 letter from EB White in which he complained about how the public wanted to know the “man behind the book.” I can definitely see how some men and women behind the books we read really shouldn’t interact too much with fans. Giffin (and her husband) should have stayed out of it.

  7. I’m so sorry this happened to you & hope you are keeping safe & well. I’m with you on not reading any more EG books, that’s horrible. Props to you for leaving your review up. I think blogging (and writing and commenting) means that you have to have a really thick skin, and you simply cannot take these things personally. It’s a hard, hard thing to do (I can’t do it), but a published author like EG should really work that out.

  8. Seems like for us to be a free country with freedom of speech, there’s an awful lot of censorship when it comes to vocalizing our dislikes/disagreements/opinions. Never heard of the author of these books, and probably never will read any of them. It’s sad that people get threats over an honest comment that gets totally blown out of proportion, and seems to be fueled by the author and her “camp” even though she doesn’t read them (maybe someone else is reading them to her….). Things that make ya go “hmmmmmmmm…..”

    Guess I’d better stop now. Someone might get offended.

  9. Such appalling behavior from an author. I personally have both Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I have read them both and to be honest I actually liked them. I still have one of her books on my shelf which I have not read yet, and probably never will.

    How old is she? She’s acting like a fifteen year old. It’s completely immature how she handled the situation. And very annoying how she kept saying you should remover her review to stop getting death threats. Seriously? Just apologize and call off your horde of angry fans. Don’t go all “I’m really sorry BUT bla bla bla”. Stop at sorry. It’s that simple.

    What a silly author. I am disgusted by the way she acts.

  10. I just spent time reading your whole post. You have every right to state your opinions honestly. I applaud you. It takes courage to stand by your opinions despite threats.

    For the record, I have never read an Emily Giffin book nor would I probably ever read one. Yet, I am absolutely certain now that I will not even browse her books at Amazon or pick them up at the library or bookstore. It’s finished for me.

    Reading is suppose to be a magical experience and this kind of stuff just turns it all into a real-world nightmare. I can get that on the internet or on the t.v. news.

    Take care and keep fighting the good fight!

  11. Gosh… Corey, this has stopped me in my tracks… what a tale, a movie beckons 🙂

    Well done for having documented it so well, keeping it transparent stops skulduggery.

    I hope it all clears up soon and lessons have been learned. You are a brave soul, bullies are cowards.


  12. Ugh. Kudos to you, Corey, for standing up to this author and her bullying minions. I buy a lot of books from Amazon and I truly appreciate the fact that other readers take the time to post honest reviews. like my chick lit, but I won’t be reading Emily Giffin in the future.

  13. Good gravy, I am so sorry this happened to you. I am an avid reader (not THAT avid reader though!) and review everything I read on Goodreads (@krisis86). I also have ridiculously high standards, which leaves me posting 1-2 star reviews constantly. The response you received concerns me. I think I will go plant landmines around my profile page on Goodreads. That’ll work, right?

  14. My two cents…

    I think the husband should have not responded to the post, seeing that she is a big girl she should be able to defend herself. My wife is an author and I tried the same thing but have since learned that she has to put up with personal attacks (words not physical) if she is wanting to put her work in the public arena as Asshats love to stir up trouble. I think the author should have slapped the back of her husbands head and told him to stop it before it started to spiral out of control. I think the author should have not been posting to her Facebook page if she was not wanting to instigate the issue further. I think the fans have a right to defend their favorite Famous Idol but they also need to remember that our right for free speech stops when that right impedes on another person’s right. I think the reviewer has a right to change their review and made it clear that it was based slightly on the book and also on the actions of the author. I also want to say to the husband that when you are in the public eye, as his wife is, then your actions count for more than your words. Hence, JFK in Berlin.

    Now did she make #1 because of this hoopla or is this site seeing more traffic than ever. Hope the reviewer sees more clicks than the author’s Amazon page.

  15. Corey, thank you for your honest and thoughtful review. An author’s behavior is something I like to take into consideration when I’m reading and reviewing a book too. I am so terribly sorry that you have been bullied and threatened in this way. Please know that there are many of us who feel that you have been terribly wronged. I’m praying that you will be kept safe and that you won’t let this incident stop you from voicing your opinion in the future.

  16. I’m a small-time Author (for now) and horrified by EG’s actions against you, and the result of them to you. I cannot imagine fueling the fire as she did with her fans! I hope the local authorities take those threats seriously, and you are able to feel safe and comfortable in your home. That was an atrocious thing for her to do, and totally irresponsible.
    On another note, I’ve not read any of her work, and actually looked at Where We Belong earlier today for my Kindle and I’m now glad I did not push the button to buy it. I can assure you, I won’t in the future either. What a turn-off.

  17. Corey, after reading some of the Vine forum postings I went back and forth about you and the ethics of changing your review to a 1 star. I finally decided it was justified. Yes, our reviews should be on the content of the book, BUT I think readers who also do reviews deserve to know if they post a one star or a poor review about a book that it could result in harassment by the author’s spouse, assistant, and fans.
    When you personally (such as Avid Reader) are attacked by the spouse of the writer simply for stating an opinion I think this is a conflict of interest on the author’s part–regardless of whether she reads reviews or her husband is on FB), it is undermining our country’s right-t0-free speech, it is unprofessional of all involved in the attacks and it is unkind at best. For all any of us know, Avid Reader may have just, unfortunately, picked that book to write a first review. We all had/have to start somewhere. And then the continuing attacks on you by her assistant, fans, and subtly by the author herself are beyond pale.
    So basically all I’m saying is that people who scan the reviews with the intent of either reading the book and/or reviewing it deserve to know that if they genuinely don’t care for the book and review it they may be attacked and bullied online as well as by telephone and in person. Emily Giffin is no Stephanie Meyer (the rabid Twi-hards) and she should be able to reign in her fan base on FB.

  18. As a reviewer myself I shiver to think that this really does happen to people who post their honest feelings about a book. I have been very lucky to never have this happen to me but I am very sorry that you had to deal with all this! It is in no way fair to attack reviews. EVER!


  19. Corey, I am disgusted at what you went through merely by posting a review. It’s bad enough that fans of an author would react in such an unreasonable and, yes, psychotic way but when the author herself encourages it, it’s downright foul.

    I find it unintentionally humorous that Ms. Giffin is so offended by less than 5 star reviews and wants to limit the freedom of speech on those reviews that do not suit her, to the point of not only requesting they be removed but having her husband, her assistant and her legion of fans go on the attack, but freedom of speech that shows her in the right, even to the extreme of threatening a reader, is not only tolerated but encouraged.

    As a fellow Atlantan, I am ashamed of Emily Giffin. As a fellow book reviewer, I support you and stand behind you.

    There will be no Emily Giffin books reviewed on my site nor purchased by me. Shame on her.

  20. I was a huge fan of EG, but ever since the last few months following her fb page, I honestly think I’m over her.

  21. This is bullying, plain and simple. Shame on Emily Giffin, her husband, her assistant and her pathetic fangirls.

  22. I’m sorry this happened to you. This is a prime example of what not to do as an author. Why the husband would get involved, I can’t fathom. I hope the threats to you stop.

  23. Ugh, this is so disgusting. I will make sure to never read anything by this author. I write and post my work online for others to enjoy and review. Yes, there are times where people leave comments that make me pissed off. But you just don’t respond to those comments, especially in that state of mind. And if someone does it for you and it results in the reviewer being attacked, then that author should immediately tell the person to stop and APOLOGIZE right away and then offer her/his own apology, not whine about on Facebook to show what a “victim” they are.

    I am sickened that fans would hunt you down to where you live and make death threats . . . OVER a bad book review? I disagree with Emily—we as reviewers have the right to change book ratings, even if it isn’t based on the book. I mean, this kind of behavior (authors attacking fans) shouldn’t be encouraged. I don’t even care if it’s someone leaving a mean review. Authors should think of how their actions will reflect on them and others. I love it when an author comments positively, but authors really do need to stop attacking reviewers. If it keeps up, no one will want to leave honest reviews and we readers will be stuck with awful books because all books will have 3-5 stars.

    You have my support.

  24. Wow. Unbelievable. I’m with you. I’m amazed that someone as big as her would act this way. That her husband has the gall to attack people on Amazon. That she sweeps it under the rug (deleting things) with out really honestly apologizing. That she told her fans to find somewhere else to go. Wow. I’ve heard of authors behaving badly but I had no idea that someone as well known as EG would do this. Thank you for sharing your story!

  25. Wow. Just wow.
    I’m so sorry for what you’ve had to go through with all of this. I cant believe how the author and the people around her handled this. You didn’t deserve any of that and I support what you did and said.
    I read this book and have yet to review it. Now im not sure (being that it was not the glorious 5 stars she wanted) that I even want to.
    Because of the authors actions ill be staying away from her books permanently. She left a bad taste in my mouth.

  26. OMG! Okay, while I have been the target a couple times of authors not being real pleased with the review they have gotten on SR…..this takes the cake. Things like this are the reason that EVERY REVIEW I post are posted as Romance Reader and my reviewers remain anonymous and the reason that there is a rash of review sites and blogs who will no longer post a review that gets less than 3 stars. WTH? What is the point of leaving a review if you can’t be honest? EVERYONE should be able to feel free to be honest about their feelings on a book. …or anything else for that matter.

    Keep your head up girl. And just know that you have a huge support team 🙂

  27. MY Goodness. Adding this link to the reason why I have begun to hate how authors have become so transparent lately with the social phenoms of FB/GR/twitter.

    I wrote a ‘review policy update’ in July because I saw an author pointing out a negative review via his FB account turned into a cluster. No, he didn’t specifically name the reviewer, but it was so lame of him to point it out, knowing on FB you have FANS, so you know those folks are going to google the heck out of recent reviews for him and then flog that reviewer. Same situation pretty much happened to you. Hate this whole Authors behaving badly thing, and I had wanted to get it off my chest but not in a brave post like you did so I had to hide it in my policy. tee hee.

    Kudos to you.

  28. Whoa! Creepasauraus Rex! What a Prima Donna! FTR, I have never opened one of Giffin’s books because I had assumed from the titles and cover design that they were YA. Turns out only the author was.

  29. I am more than certain that I will never buy, read, or open another Emily Griffin book again. I am going to THROW the two I own away. I don’t even want anyone else reading them. What she did, or didn’t do, is absolutely disgusting and unbecoming of a decent human being.

  30. As an author, a struggling, self-promoting, one-woman publishing, publicizing, paying for, marketing author, I’m both infuriated and confused as to why Emily stoked this fire and created this storm. I’m torn, because I’ve always sort-of liked Emily; she seems sweet, and seems to have good intentions, and as a book reviewer and Emily Giffin fan, I too read WWB, and enjoyed it for what it was worth, because there is a LOT of crap out there. From a superficial standpoint, I’m always rooting for good-looking women to break up the old adage that authors are fat, lazy, cat-obsessors who still live with their parents. On the other hand, as a fan who follows her on both Facebook and Twitter (and witnessed the firestorm), it has become more and more apparent to me that she is SO desperate for attention AT ALL TIMES that she will do anything to keep herself relevant. As she seems caught up in the whole Hollywood world, perhaps she feeds into the “No press is bad press” idea and it seems that in her case, it might have worked. But again, as an author, a person who worked and continues to work extremely hard to get her book out there, it freakin’ pisses me off that there are people out there that use their power, their platform, to act the way she did. She’s as bad as the girl who cries her way out of a speeding ticket and laughs as she drives away. No matter what the root – or who the root- of this problem was, Emily isthe professional here and SHE made a huge mistake credibility-wise by getting involved. Her husband and assistant getting involved- well, it’s almost skeptical now, isn’t it? (I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in her publicist’s and manager’s offices when that shitstorm hit.) It’s hard for me to say if I will read Emily’s work anymore. Like some of the other reviewers, I too have felt that her books have gone from fantastic to bad to okay again. But for me, perhaps like you, Corey, it isn’t just about her work as an author anymore: I feel like I’m xraying her posts, wondering what her intentions are anymore. Looking back, I’ve dealt with some pretty beligerant authors who have hated my reviews and have become downright cruel when they read my reviews. Perhaps this was what Emily was guilty of. Either way, I think the best thing we can expect out of this is a lesson here, different for each of us though most importantly, I’d like for Emily to have learned to keep it more professional.

    Oh, and Something Borrowed, the movie was horrible. I wouldn’t watch Something Blue, the movie if I was paid to.

    (Okay, maybe I would.)

    1. Confession: I cried and got out of a speeding ticket. In my defense, I had just ran over a raccoon and it gutted me and I missed the speed limit change. It was legit crying, I was heartbroken over that raccoon!

      Yeah. Something Borrowed was not that good. I was bummed with what they did with Ethan’s story line. Wish they hadn’t changed it.

  31. Emily Giffin is one of the biggest attention whores out there. I am not surprised at all by her bullying tactics–just go look on her FB fan page to see narcissism at its finest. Her next book should be titled “Mean Girls” and she can mirror the characters after herself. What an immature person. She, her husband and her assistant should be ashamed of their childish antics. And why is her husband, a Newell Rubbermaid executive, teolling the internet to “defend” his wife anyway? The 1 star review was hardly personal. It was pretty fair, but critical. EG is an idiot and should be embarrassed of herself.

  32. Damn, I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m right in the middle of WWB after taking a hiatus from Giffin because her later books have been lacking. Now I feel dumb that I paid full price for it.

    (BTW my blog isn’t dirty, just a funny title.)