Authors Behaving Badly: How I Pissed Off Legions of Emily Giffin Fans

I am a reader.  I read a LOT.  I read so much that I am in Amazon Vine and I’ve often passed up pretty awesome gadgets and gizmos so that I could get a copy of a favorite authors new book.  One of those such books was Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  I read this while on vacation and enjoyed the read but didn’t love it.  For me, the works since Something Borrowed/Something Blue have not reached the bar set by those works (especially Something Blue) however I did appreciate that this novel did not glorify cheating, which the majority of her other works do.  I handed the book off to friends to read during the trip and we all agreed that it was a decent beach-esque read.  I now regret urging others to read this novel.

Around the time of the launch of the book, Emily had started posting and tweeting people urging them to buy her book to make her number one.  The first post kind of annoyed me because it made the fans seem like they were not good enough if she couldn’t reach #1, then her follow up post when finding out she was in fact #2 was equally as awful.  She had another post or two lamenting about it on her Facebook and on her Twitter and it frankly annoyed me to the point of commenting to friends that it was pretty diva like behavior and that there seemed to be an epidemic of crying over being second place (the Olympics were taking place at the same time).  It really turned me off and I was already starting to be sorry I had reviewed her book for Amazon and possibly helped even one person decide to purchase this novel.




This week, I noticed in my feed a link pop up to her Facebook talking about her husband being in a comment war against a reviewer on Amazon and how it wasn’t a 5 star review.  I don’t know why, but the whole idea of authors or people acting on their behalf (and I consider a spouse to also represent the author) and attacking reviewers make me ill.  Perhaps it’s because I am a part of Amazon Vine (have been since 2007) but I take reviews seriously.  I’ve thankfully (up until now!) never had to deal with an author attack due to my less than perfect review but I’ve been reading more and more cases of this happening online.  I rolled my eyes and shook my head and continued on with my work.  Then a following post appeared talking about how her husband was still at it, as if the first post didn’t get enough attention.  At this point I decided to head over to see what the heck kind of review could start this kind of nonsense.

Well… that doesn’t seem bad at all, certainly not attacking the author, tearing the book apart or even remotely spiteful.  Not at all what I was expecting to see.  I then continued to read to see what Emily’s husband had been saying and my jaw hit the proverbial floor.

*screen capture thanks to Book Goggles as it’s since been removed by Amazon*

One should note that the initial reply from Giffin’s husband was the same day as the review and the activity on the page was slow at best until Emily posted the below on her Facebook.  She did not link directly to the review (although it was linked in the comments by a few of her fans) but it was pretty easy to find, I did so without difficulty.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Now the claims are that she didn’t know about how awful her fans were being and that she never directed people to Amazon to attack (screen capture of this coming later in the post) but both of these comments got me to go looking for the review as well as many other fans.  Many I should note on her FB page were telling her this wasn’t a good idea and she should delete her posts, so not everyone was raising their proverbial pitchforks against the reviewer but one quick look at the comments on the review showed that an overwhelming amount of people were saying pretty awful things against this legitimate review.

At this point I had had enough.  I couldn’t stand the thought of the fact that my review could even get one person to buy her book so I decided to change the review.  I’ve done so in the past when my mind has changed on a product or book and never have had an issue with this in the least.  I changed my review from 4 to 1 star and stated why I did.  The novel was okay but I couldn’t in good faith support an author whom supports the kind of behavior that was going on with the initial 1 star review.  Since this item was a Vine product, I can’t simply delete the review.  I hit save and figured that while I was only one person, at least I’m not longer supporting an author whom encourages this kind of behavior from her husband and fans.

The first few comments surprised me – I didn’t think about my review being seen but I had forgotten about Emily pointing people to the one starred reviews, which would mean that mine would come up.  Crap.  I then went and looked at the comments on the other low starred reviews and saw that already her fandom was attacking.  I girded my loins and prepared for it to get ugly but initially, the support was mostly positive.  Then someone must have alerted Emily to the post as I was shocked to see my review pop up in my Facebook feed being blasted by Emily.

In the comment section, they were pretty quick to find my review and post it and the shitstorm on my review comment page ensued.  Granted, Emily did sort of attempt to call off the dogs but in the same respect she also pointed out my review and posted her feelings on my changing the rating (again, from 4 not 5 stars) which she is entitled to.  If she didn’t encourage bullying though, she would have deleted my review being linked on her page immediately like she did with any comments that supported her.  By this point there were a few people saying this needed to quit and the comments her fans were leaving were quite horrible.  At this point Emily’s assistant decided to jump in and defend Emily as well leaving quite a few comments that were pretty shocking coming from someone that represents the author on a professional level.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

This is just one of many comments that Katie left on my review (all she or Amazon has deleted).  However, at this point there were still quite a few people thinking that it was pretty crappy what was going on and supporting me and my right to my opinion on the book.  Then more crap hit Emily’s Facebook.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Personally there is no way that a 1 star review falls under my category of “most unfair things” but I guess that she should consider herself blessed for leading such a charmed life.  Here Emily directly is linking to my review with her assistants plea for fans to comment and defend her against “these” attacks.  Personally, I don’t view my review as attacking the author so much as stating my opinion but I gather that is subjective so I’ll take the “attack” hit.  However, the initial review by AvidReader does not remotely come close to attacking Emily in the least.  With a battle cry like this, Emily’s fans got even more rabid in their attacks against me and her assistant (CrimznTider) continued to do battle.  Most of these have been deleted by Amazon.

So now I’m a stalker, bigot and an infant.  There’s more mudslinging but I think this gives you the overall tone of the kind of comments that I was receiving from the fans of Ms. Giffin after she posted on her Facebook a link to my review. There was also tweets from her account as well regarding this.

 *screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Finally about 2 or so hours after this whole debacle started, Emily finally attempted to call the dogs off on Facebook.

In short order her husband also offered up his apology to me on my review, I did not see this placed on AvidReader’s review however and she’s the one that truly deserves it.

FINALLY!  Although the apology is not perfect but I appreciated him finally apologizing and it did seem to slow (NOT STOP) the attacks on Amazon.  At this time Emily’s assistant finally stopped her postings as well.  Around 11:00PM I received 3 different calls, all blocked, with one leaving a “delete your review!” voicemail and the second stating that I should just kill myself for being such a miserable person for attacking poor Emily.   REALLY?  And yes, I’m talking with the cops about this already.  I mean that’s Misery kind of fan territory.  Not long after I heard a loud bang on my deck and I was legitimately scared that it was a gunshot.  Far fetched maybe but this was quickly sinking into WTF territory.

I went to bed last night shaking my head and completely baffled and amazed at what a turn this whole day took.   When I woke up I decided to check Emily’s Facebook page to see if she’d posted any sort of apology or whatnot but I found this instead.

I just… I don’t… WHAT?  She has also deleted all of her postings regarding the reviews, which is probably a good thing on her end.  I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this remotely and it’s pretty unfathomable that you would even begin to entertain the idea that someone would ENJOY the shitstorm I’ve endured over the past day.  For the record, Emily posted a link to my review directly asking for people to come support the attack against her.  That’s not saying gang up but it was all but spelled out

Here’s hoping this dies a quiet death.  I for one will never read another Giffin novel and I am happy to hear that others are doing the same.


Pipe dreams, they are lovely things to have aren’t they?  The only apology I have received from her camp is on my review, she has not reached out to me other than on that platform and that was her husband, not her, unless the account really is hers.  Again, I don’t deserve what happened to me because I dared to change a review.  I also will not be bullied into changing or deleting my review because that’s what Emily thinks is best.  If she didn’t want the drama to continue, she would stop making posts such as these. Sure, I’m adding to the fire now by posting these screen caps but damnit, I’m furious.  I think most would be too if they were in my shoes.


I started getting negative comments on this blog post and low and behold, Emily is making vaguebook status updates.  It’s interesting how I am always able to figure it out when things have hit her Facebook when there is an uptick in negative feedback.

Also for those asking, yes I have been to the police station today regarding the voice mails and cyber bullying.


After thinking on this whole disaster this evening, I wondered how I could turn this into something positive.  I wished there was a charity for me to donate books to children that are bullied as a child I always lost myself in books when I was bullied in school.  I still do it as an escape from reality.  Since such a charity doesn’t exist (anyone want to start one?) I’m donating to the Megan Meier Foundation instead.  Megan Meier is the girl who killed herself after being cyber bullied on MySpace, a story which still saddens me.  I donated $614: a dollar for every downvote I received (278 – is that a record?) as well as AvidReader (78) and another dollar for every comment on the review (201 for me, 57 for AvidReader).  Granted, not every comment was bullying but I don’t care to go in and figure it all out as reliving those comments is not an ideal way to spend my evening.

I hope this is the end of this, I really do.


My review has been removed from the book page of Where We Belong.  You can still access it by clicking on the direct link but it is “gone” for all intents and purposes.  I did not do this, it was on Amazon’s end of things.

UPDATE #5 (December 30, 2012)

Ha, you thought it was all done.  Well, it is but I thought that instead of a new blog post, I’d finish up the “resolution” to this whole debacle as well as finally answer the question of what happened to AvidReader.

• Amazon took down my review of Where We Belong completely, however it still counts toward my Vine reviews so I didn’t have to review it again to stay under my percentage goals.  Huzzah.  Although, reviewing it again could have been interesting as I’m sorry but there’s no way on earth that my debacle wouldn’t have influenced my views in the least.  I know some don’t approve but in the same regards I tend to give authors I adore a kinder/better review based on my love of them so IMHO it can go both ways.

• I never had a direct apology in any form from Emily.  The only apology I got was from her publicist, whom did eventually contact me but it wasn’t on her behalf, more or less was trying to get me to take down this blog.  I refused and he was polite about my refusal.  They did release a somewhat public apology in The Atlantic.

• Despite accusations to the contrary, AvidReader is *not* some stalker of Emily Giffin’s, nor a psycho.  Instead she is a college student who used an email she doesn’t check during the school year for her Amazon profile.  When she got home for the holidays and checked her not-often-read email, she was surprised to see what kind of fuss became of her review.  She contacted me to thank me for supporting her and was glad that she missed all of the drama.  I’m SO glad to hear from her and know she is OK.  I was concerned but hoped something like this was the case.

• Finally I want to say a huge thank you to the authors and fellow reviewers that reached out to me during this mess.  I was stunned, surprised and humbled by your overwhelming support.  I’ve gained a lot of respect for you all and I’m glad to know that some of my favorite authors are on my team and I’ve also discovered a few new ones that I want to support.  It was a crazy ordeal and I couldn’t have asked for kinder people to be in my corner.

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  1. Wow. *face/palm* Just…wow. Love how she keeps insisting you taking down the review is the answer to everything. She’s clueless.

    Stay safe.

  2. Until this post, I had never heard of Emily Griffin. If you’d said her name to me, my response would have been, “Who?” Now I know her, don’t care for her actions at all and will never, ever buy nor read one of her books. Great PR work, Ms. Griffin.

  3. This is so depressing to read an established author or her ilk throw a hissyfit on the Internet because someone dared to have an opinion. It is not a crime to dislike a book. It brings about honest discussions and might even bring more people to the work.

  4. And of course, I meant “Giffin” instead of “Griffin.” You can see how relevant she is to me.

  5. Hi Corey! It’s Lydia. I commented here before. I wanted to ask if you have seen all of the new tweets linking to your blog tonight. This has become a HUGE deal!! How are you feeling about it? How are you doing? I was wondering if you feel bad for her??

    1. Had no idea about the links, just started seeing an uptick in comments again. I have been away all weekend so just now getting home 🙂

  6. I had never heard of Emily Giffin until I read this, what a dreadful case of sour grapes. I can’t believe an author would act like that. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through so much with this, I hope it ends soon.

  7. Thank you for sharing what happened to you AND for standing up for the other reviewer. It may not be easy to take, but not everyone is going to love your books and some authors need to learn that and not gang up on (or encourage fan to ) these lower reviews. I have never read any of Emily’s books and thanks to this post, I never will. Hope you keep safe and whoever sent those threats gets in trouble for them. That really is a horrible thing to say to somebody over a stinkin’ book review.

  8. Personally, I try to review only on the basis of a book, because let’s face it there are lots of authors that are asses. But this behavior is ridiculous. I read one book of Giffin’s quite a long time ago and found it average. Never read another. While I don’t know if I would’ve changed my review based on her behavior I certainly never would have financially supported her again.

  9. Well, as my pen name suggests, I’ve got more than a bit of Irish in me, and I’m plenty mad on your behalf! As a writer intending to be published as well as a voracious reader, the kind of bullying that’s been popping up from Amazon to GoodReads and all manner of other online reading communities just makes me sick. What happened to the days when people could respectfully discuss their opinions of a book and not be hated for it? To each their own, isn’t it?

    This kind of behaviour is just abhorrent. The meandering apology Giffin’s husband issued is by no means enough and she should be adult enough to step up and say she played a role. As for all of her fans who think they’re coming to her defense — shut the hell up and sit your asses down. You’re attacking a reader who was honest in her review AND in her reasons for changing it (which, by the way, can’t be against Amazon’s rules, or methinks they wouldn’t have let you make the changes). I say points to you for coming out of this with your head held high and a good attitude towards dealing with it. Personally, I’ve never read Emily Giffin, and after this, I don’t intend to start. She’s the kind of author who make others look bad.

  10. Wow. That is terrible. I am very sorry this has happened to you, and thank you for standing your ground and sharing this. So many people think that hiding behind a keyboard allows them the freedom to threaten anyone they want. Should it ever come up, I will recommend against anyone reading this author’s work.

  11. I am so sorry this happened. I am bothered more and more by people’s sense of entitlement and belief that everyone should always agree with them. Your review was fair and it is also fair of you to change it when an author acts so poorly that you no longer want to support them. I hope this disappears for you soon and everyone can move on.

    But if it helps, if for no other reason than all you have had to go through, she has lost another reader and I will not encourage others to read her books. Good luck and know you’ve done the right thing.

  12. What do you think this drama will do to her career? And what do you want to happen next? Do you think she deserves this bad press and hundreds of negative tweets. This is all so fascinating to me. But very unfortunate.

  13. Someone’s being a bully, but it certainly isn’t Corey! I admire the way you’ve stuck to your principles and turned this author’s deplorable behavior into something constructive by your donation to the Megan Meier Foundation. Good for you, and shame on Emily Giffen!

  14. Corey i’m so sorry this happened to you!! It is awful!! You are so not a bully, she’s the one who’s a bully and I don’t even have words to describe how messed up this is (which is really something bc as my friends I never found a word I didn’t like)..but just Wow man, that’s some messed up shit..I honestly never liked her books, I tried reading something borrowed and just put it down like 10 mins in..but now i’m never picking up any of her books…anyone who encourages a thing like this is just … there’s something off upstairs..

  15. Thanks for sharing what happened to you. I tried reading one of her books once (got it at a thrift store), and I couldn’t even make it past chapter one. To me, it felt like reading the drivel of a self-absorbed, conceited, mean bully. Guess I was correct! First, whining about making #2 on the NYT Bestsellers List for the fifth time is disgusting. Show some gratitude, especially in a poor economy, when many people have REAL issues to deal with. Second, attacking reviewers is unforgivable! You just don’t do that! And for her to say she “can’t do anything” about the disturbing phone calls you’ve been receiving, while calling for you to take down your comments, shows her true colors. I hope her next book doesn’t even make the NYT Bestsellers List then she’ll truly have something to whine about. I am so disgusted by this “the world revolves around me” behavior – you see it more and more and some people think they’re so darned cute when they act like a bully. It’s appalling. I’m really glad you stood your ground and didn’t let her bully you into taking down your comments.

  16. My my this apparently has gotten ugly. My first lesson as an author was to let readers/reviewers do so freely. Unfettered and without reproach. Yes there are unfair, misinformed and malicious reviewers out there, some feel like an out right attack. Yet I still believe we should stick to the rule of leave them be. I myself avoid goodreads now to avoid that knee jerk reaction of retaliation/defense. I may be wrong but I think it looks bad on the author or their affiliates to address/attack the reviewer.

  17. Just adding my voice to the chorus of supporters. I am disheartened that once again, I have to mark another author from the TBR pile because some of them want to act like raving jackwagons. Hang in there, and stay safe. I do not understand what makes bpeple believe that they are entitled to say whatever the hell they want to and passive aggressively send out the hounds.

  18. It was amazing how Giffin made a philanderer appear sympathetic in “Something Borrowed.” Sadly her subsequent novels have been less than impressive.

    The way she egged on her fans to buy her book and white-knight for her is TRULY pathetic. Mr. Giffin behaved like a teenage fan-boy and should be ashamed of himself. I found his apology laughable. Are we suppose to be invested in the opinions offered by one of Giffin’s employees? Really? Good for you for standing by your opinions, and calling her out. If anything happens to you because of Giffin’s actions, I hope you sue her and her publisher. In the meantime, I won’t bother to buy this book.

  19. Bad publicity is still publicity. I have not heard of Emily Griffin until now and if I see her works in a bookstore, I’d check it out and see if they would interest me. (Not going to research about them now since there are more important things to do.) I will not let any fiasco influence my tastes in books, for all I know, her works may be amazing. It’s like in high school when I didn’t like Mandy Moore but still watched most of her films, or when I read and watched the Twilight Saga even when I thought it was hilariously stupid. But seriously, this author…what a diva. LOL.

  20. I am so unfamiliar with the author and most of the nitty gritty here…I found this blog post via Twitter.

    I am confused about a lot of the back and forth, but hoped someone could clarify a few things:
    1) You said, “For the record, Emily posted a link to my review directly asking for people to come support the attack against her.” Did Emily ask people to support the attack against her, or did her assistant do that? It looks like Emily retweeted Kate’s post, which included the direct link to Corey’s review, and that the tweet was shared on fb. So, I think it was Kate’s ‘call for support’ and not Emily’s, right?

    2) When Emily suggested that you remove your post, could she have been talking about this blog post (and not your original review)?

    3) In one of the updates, you said that if Emily wanted the drama to stop she wouldn’t keep making posts such as these (paraphrasing). But that post was by someone else, wasn’t it (Lisa Pittman) and Emily just commented on it in response? (Or is that what you meant? That she shoudn’t have even commented?)

    I think I had a couple of other questions, but I’m really tired and my brain hurts from trying to understand and follow these interactions! No matter what happened, it is incomprehensible that sane, rational adults would attack or threaten one another–particularly over a book review. I am shaking my head over that one. What are people thinking? Maybe they just aren’t, and that’s the problem.


    P.S. No offense, but for what it’s worth, I prefer for reviewers to rate based on their opinion of the product, not other factors, such as customer service, the condition of the box when the order was delivered, or in this case, the reviewer’s annoyance with the author’s ‘brattiness’ over making #2 on NYT. Maybe Amazon should change their rating structure to allow for feedback on these different issues. Meanwhile, I think the written review is a great place to capture that type of feedback. It’s just that I rely on Amazon reviews to help me make a lot of purchasing decisions, and I am finding more and more that I can’t really rely on the ratings being accurate because reviewers use the stars to rate other miscellaneous factors instead of the product itself.

    Yours is, of course, not the only scenario where this might have happened. I have seen reviews where the person rated 1 star and then said they didn’t actually have the product, but they had a question to ask…

    I’ve also seen 5 star ratings for books that haven’t even been completed yet! The reviewer says they can’t wait for the book to come out so they can read it. 5 stars. Really?

    Oh, and most recently I’ve become aware of sellers who provide or promise free product in exchange for a good review from popular reviewers. (Conflict of interest at best…probably also unethical.)

    I could go on and on.

    So, anyway, that’s just my 2 cents for anyone reading this who leaves product reviews. Some consumers rely on your honest review of the product, so thanks for taking the time to leave a thoughtful and accurate review!

    (and now, unfortunately, I am off to google Giffin’s books to find out what all of this hullaballoo was about!)

    1. 1). Emily added her own quip to it and shared Kate’s call to action so to speak on Facebook, it wasn’t a retweet. I don’t know if it was a direct share or of she made a new status with Kate’s words – it looked like on my end Emily made a new post, pasted Kate’s words in and added the link in but I guess it could have been a shared event. So I guess if you want to get technical Emily hosted it on her Facebook page for people to see under her name but they were Kate’s words.

      2). That was before my blog went up, that was WHY my blog went up actually.

      3). Emily continued to post about it for about a day, there was a Facebook update that referred to it in a vague way and she was actively commenting to commenters with the type of stuff in #2. Which kept the people going to the review etc.

      Typically I see dozens of reviews on Amazon (heck even on the same book!) where people give 5 star reviews because they love the author etc. I, along with many I’m sure, don’t play close attention to the TOS so I didn’t realize you weren’t allowed to edit your review after you reviewed it as many are saying or worse it appears, to review the author and not the works. I think it’s all tied together but I think you SHOULD own the book. In retrospect I should have made an addendum to my original review instead of deleting it, live and learn.

      1. Thanks for the clarifications! And instead of googling, I read a few more of your other blog posts. (Contrary to one of your previous comments, you ARE a very good writer.)

  21. Reading this makes me weep a little bit inside. Fortunately I’ve not had to deal with rabid authors or their minions, but I have dealt with other reviewers (well, specifically one other reviewer) behaving badly and that was rather unpleasant. I can only imagine what this is like.

    Corey, there are some serious nuts in this world and looks like a few have decided they want to make you their squirrel. As others have said, make sure you get that police report and if they find out who it was, make sure the person is prosecuted. This sh*t is unacceptable. Period.

    As far as Giffen. Wow. Just. Wow. She would make a darn fine politician they way she was weaving those words. People who aren’t accustomed to double-speak might well have missed it all. By the way, pretending something didn’t happen or doesn’t exist doesn’t actually mean it didn’t happen or make it go away. Someone should tell Ms. Giffen that. The internet has a very long memory. She could also use some classes on damage control of proper PR.

    As far as changing a review because of author behaviour, I believe you’re well within your rights to do so, but must agree with others that the review space is for reviewing the book or product, not necessarily the author. That said, I believe it would have been best to leave the original review, but add an update explaining why the star rating was changed. That way a reader could see that while you enjoyed the book, you would no way recommend it to anyone else. But it looks as though it’s already been nixed by Amazon. Maybe you can re-post it with the original review intact along with the note about the star rating.

    In any event, *internet hugs*. I wish you and your family ample amounts of safety and support.

  22. It never ceases to amaze me – the levels of entitlement and need for trophies.
    ♦ “I’ve told him to stay off amazon”
    ♦ “I don’t read reviews – my good friends do”
    He doesn’t need to stay off amazon – he does need to act like a grown up. As does the author. If you are ‘quoting’ and pointing to some reviews – you are reading it.

    Whinging about 2nd on the NYT list? Of the how many million books a year created – how many authors would love that position and exposure? And you have the temerity to whinge? Oh – and a changed review? That’s why I write mine earlier than I have agreed to post them – so if I have a change of heart (it happens ) I can make adjustments BEFORE people have read it.
    the other stuff – the begging for 5 star reviews, begging purchase, the teenage mean girl in class busily creating a groundswell against someone she doesn’t like, for the least valid reasons : yeah.Pitiful. I wonder if her publisher and agent need to gift her milk and cookies and a trophy when she makes a deadline, lest she start this sort of attack on them because she wasn’t “appreciated”.
    ( and btw – the last 2 of her books I have read left me rather “meh” as well – didn’t dislike – but found them rather disappointing in total.

  23. Lol I got late for work today cause stopped what ever it is I was doing. To read this. I wanted to say how awful I feel for you. Don’t waste your time on this pitiful human who is so caught up in the brand of herself that she forgets the purpose of a writer… I hope you don’t let this get you down … Have a good week. 🙂

  24. Wow, she sounds psycho herself and like she surrounds herself with psycho people (husband, assistant) who feed her ego. I will never read one of her books. I’m a a writer, too, and the simple fact is that there will ALWAYS be someone who hates a book, even if it’s the most perfect book ever written. If you are going to be in an artistic profession, you just have to be a grown-up and deal with that.

  25. Wow, what disgusting behaviour for an author and her entourage to encourage. I hope the relevant authorities were/are able to deal with the troublemakers who called you.

  26. Clearly she thought she was being classy by asking everyone to stop talking about the entire situation when it started to backfire against her. And I must say she IS smarter than most authors out there, to actually attack reviewers in a more subtle way.

    I’m so sorry that you had to go through this and rest assured that there are still many sane supporters behind you and all other reviewers out there who are brave enough to voice their thoughts on our behalf. Kudos and good luck to you!

    PS. I’m glad I’ve never read any of Giffin’s books and neither do I ever plan to.
    Authors need to stop taking readers for granted.

  27. I´m so sorry this happened to you, what´s wrong with people? Giving a review is your own, personal experience with a book, it´s not going to change because someone tries to bully you into liking it *shakes my head* I review both on Amazon & Goodreads, and this just don´t feel right. I should be able to rate my reading how ever i want.
    Sending some supporting *huggles* and hope this blows over, soon.

    best wishes, Linda

  28. What do you think should happen next? Should she apologize on her page? Should she contact you directly? Should you remove this blog? I’m a solutions girl. Its one thing to talk and comment on a blog for days and years to come. ( I can totally see this issue coming up when she releases her next book). However, it is another thing to find a solution to this issue. And decide what should be done about this in the future. And what you think Emily should do? Can you believe that this has become this BIG of a deal? I can’t tell you how many tweets I have seen including this blog post.

  29. Oh wow! Did you know that this blog is among the top 5 search results on Google when you google her name? Does she really deserve to be humiliated like this? That will only drive more people your way! Is it all worth it? This makes me very concerned for YOU. Thoughts?

    1. Actually it doesn’t and if that’s how you got here you’re just raising the page ranking for it. I got it on the bottom of PAGE 3.

  30. Perhaps it’s just me, but my experience moderating forums online has given me a lot of perspective about the use of multiple accounts to fan the flames of an incendiary discussion. Time and time again, when users are caught with multiple accounts coming from one IP address, they claim things like “it was my husband.” “It was my kid.” “It was my assistant/babysitter/nanny/houseguest.” And much like in those cases, the posts coming from EG’s camp sound kind of like they’re written by one person trying to be multiple people. It reminds me of a rather unfortunate situation in the Harry Potter fandom, which is a long but fascinating read –

  31. wow
    just wow
    I’m so sorry all this drama hit you.
    What a very ODD bunch of people.
    The unquestioned notion that it makes any difference whether it was Special Snowflake herself or Mr. Special Snowflake or Snowflake Assistant doing the typing just floors me.
    If it turns up posted on a person’s account, that person owns it.
    That’s what passwords are for.
    And it seems really creepily weird to me for someone to have other people posting under their name.
    Especially for a writer.
    Just ick.
    And the notion that it is your place to delete your review and silently slink away is pure bosh.
    It goes into the Amazingly Consistent Asshats file.
    Looks like they’re hard at work on damage control at this point, but that won’t make it go away.
    The innerwebs are forever.

  32. It is very disheartening to see something like this. One person took time out of their day to leave an honest review and was called a psycho. I am all for a husband sticking up for their spouse, but slamming this person for their opinion is wrong. Then harassing another because they changed their opinion is even worse.
    Guess what my opinion is mine no one else has the copy write. If I take the time out of my day to write down my review it means something. Good or bad, it is there for a purpose. If it’s good it’s there to help people find a good book or product. If it’s bad it’s to help steer people away from it.
    I bet at least half of those people bullying Corey if not more hate bullying themselves. They let a man that didn’t think before he wrote down some words and media hype dictate their actions. Everyone gets emotional and everyone wants to stick up for their favorite author,athlete etc.
    Hats off to Corey for sticking up for another.
    Free speech = freedom.

  33. I am so sorry this happened to you. It amazes me how people believe death threats and bullying are the answer. Regardless of your thoughts, you are entitled to them. It would be one thing if you called her names or said things just to be petty, but you didn’t. You were honest, and I commend you for standing up for yourself and not letting them bully you into taking your review down. I think it’s incredible that you donated money to the Megan Meier Foundation. Good for you, turning this extremely negative experience into something positive. Maybe the Giffins should consider doing the same.

  34. “If she’s getting death threats, she should remove her review.” Really? Really?

    I’ve never been a fan of her since Something Borrowed where she justified cheating by making Darcy a mean girl, but this is ridiculous.

  35. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: writers would cannot handle the interwebz should not go on them.

    It’s not that difficult to say to your partner, “Never reply to my reviews. If you see something, tell me.” Seriously. There we go. All fixed.

    Further, any human being worth their salt will call out another that is threatening people in their name. It’s one thing to disagree; it’s another to stalk people and threaten them. The author should have called off her fans and said she has a zero tolerance policy on harassment.

  36. The whole thing is totally unacceptable. A death threat over a book? What country, or parallel universe, are we living in? Sorry this happened – reviewers and readers are our lifeblood. However, did it occur to you that you have the working basis for a great novel (or at least a novella) and it’s practically writing itself?
    Hope the nonsense ends soon. My thoughts are with you.

  37. First of all, let me just say that you’re awesome. As an author and publishing consulting, I know the power and the disappointment of an amazon review. However, I’m a big girl and expect not everyone is going to dig my work. It’s crazytown that Emily Giffin would be continually vocal about her “Buffalo Bills” status and that she’d comment on amazon reviews in any way. She seems to have a “you reap what you sow” mentality about the kerfuffle and should instead be engaging with her audience in a much more conciliatory muted way about this. Sigh. Soldier on.

  38. I guess I am very naive!! It is hard for me to imagine the kind of behavior you have been subjected too.

    A one star review would sting, but each person is entitled to their opinion in a free country. To ensure 5 star reviews, I hear there are places where you can buy them nowadays. But that will not change the view of the general readership, who will determine in their own minds if the book is actually 5 star material or 1 star. I have read books that have been given high reviews, that definitely didn’t do it for me.

    From my experience, I would say the other author either has a terribly inflated ego or is incredibly insecure. Either way it is very immature to act the way she has.

    I have not read her books, but the actions speak as loud as any words for her character.

  39. WTF?

    This because she couldn’t reach #1 on the NYT list?

    Does she realize how many authors would be breaking out the champagne for making it ANYWHERE on the NYT list? I’d be bouncing off the walls if I ever made ANY significant bestseller list (the only one I’ve ever made, to my knowledge, was #10 on the Locus bestsellers for Digital Knight).

    What a loser. No matter how many books she’s sold, she’s still a loser if that’s the kind of behavior she undertakes herself or promotes in others.

  40. Um WOW! That is incredibly ridiculous! I can’t believe the way EG and her ‘posse’ behaved! I have never read any of her books, though I do have a few Kindle editions in my TBR pile, and now I’m thinking they will never get read! Immature and just plain rude! Sorry you had to deal with this and I hope the negativity towards you clears up very soon! 🙂

  41. Found you here via your post on Vine and have to say that after reading everything that Giffin and her camp did, I’m totally appalled. And, saddened that Amazon removed your review. I read through some of the other “reviews” that Giffin’s minions posted after she begged for support. Pathetic! I’m proud of you, Corey! Keep on being honest – see you on the Vine!


  42. Unbelievable. I cannot fathom why EG would act this way.

    The husband’s comment on avidreader’s review (“Psycho alert”???) was astonishing, and EG’s actions since then (as detailed here) have been that awful puce shade of coy. You know … “Lol” to the hubby’s online activities, the death threat comment, the enjoying-the-drama comment … and then the personal assistant leaps in to the fray. It’s just totally mean-girl high school attack drama.

    Try replacing *I want to be #1 on the NYT bestseller list* with *I want to be homecoming queen.* It all fits, doesn’t it?

    Sorry you had to deal with this, Corey.

    (Full disclosure: I would not have changed a four-star review to a one-star review based on the author’s online behavior. I would have left the four stars up and perhaps added a text note explaining my changing feelings about the author’s work … but I understand Iola’s comment above. Also, I’ve never handed out a one-star review on Amazon. For me a one-star book would be an unreadable mess, not just a book that was readable but disappointing. However, it’s clear that other raters use one-star reviews to express disappointment, feeling let down by an author, feeling like their $ weren’t well spent, etc. If your book is sold through amazon, it will be reviewed by people who use the star system that way, and you’ve simply got to accept that.)