Authors Behaving Badly: How I Pissed Off Legions of Emily Giffin Fans

I am a reader.  I read a LOT.  I read so much that I am in Amazon Vine and I’ve often passed up pretty awesome gadgets and gizmos so that I could get a copy of a favorite authors new book.  One of those such books was Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  I read this while on vacation and enjoyed the read but didn’t love it.  For me, the works since Something Borrowed/Something Blue have not reached the bar set by those works (especially Something Blue) however I did appreciate that this novel did not glorify cheating, which the majority of her other works do.  I handed the book off to friends to read during the trip and we all agreed that it was a decent beach-esque read.  I now regret urging others to read this novel.

Around the time of the launch of the book, Emily had started posting and tweeting people urging them to buy her book to make her number one.  The first post kind of annoyed me because it made the fans seem like they were not good enough if she couldn’t reach #1, then her follow up post when finding out she was in fact #2 was equally as awful.  She had another post or two lamenting about it on her Facebook and on her Twitter and it frankly annoyed me to the point of commenting to friends that it was pretty diva like behavior and that there seemed to be an epidemic of crying over being second place (the Olympics were taking place at the same time).  It really turned me off and I was already starting to be sorry I had reviewed her book for Amazon and possibly helped even one person decide to purchase this novel.




This week, I noticed in my feed a link pop up to her Facebook talking about her husband being in a comment war against a reviewer on Amazon and how it wasn’t a 5 star review.  I don’t know why, but the whole idea of authors or people acting on their behalf (and I consider a spouse to also represent the author) and attacking reviewers make me ill.  Perhaps it’s because I am a part of Amazon Vine (have been since 2007) but I take reviews seriously.  I’ve thankfully (up until now!) never had to deal with an author attack due to my less than perfect review but I’ve been reading more and more cases of this happening online.  I rolled my eyes and shook my head and continued on with my work.  Then a following post appeared talking about how her husband was still at it, as if the first post didn’t get enough attention.  At this point I decided to head over to see what the heck kind of review could start this kind of nonsense.

Well… that doesn’t seem bad at all, certainly not attacking the author, tearing the book apart or even remotely spiteful.  Not at all what I was expecting to see.  I then continued to read to see what Emily’s husband had been saying and my jaw hit the proverbial floor.

*screen capture thanks to Book Goggles as it’s since been removed by Amazon*

One should note that the initial reply from Giffin’s husband was the same day as the review and the activity on the page was slow at best until Emily posted the below on her Facebook.  She did not link directly to the review (although it was linked in the comments by a few of her fans) but it was pretty easy to find, I did so without difficulty.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Now the claims are that she didn’t know about how awful her fans were being and that she never directed people to Amazon to attack (screen capture of this coming later in the post) but both of these comments got me to go looking for the review as well as many other fans.  Many I should note on her FB page were telling her this wasn’t a good idea and she should delete her posts, so not everyone was raising their proverbial pitchforks against the reviewer but one quick look at the comments on the review showed that an overwhelming amount of people were saying pretty awful things against this legitimate review.

At this point I had had enough.  I couldn’t stand the thought of the fact that my review could even get one person to buy her book so I decided to change the review.  I’ve done so in the past when my mind has changed on a product or book and never have had an issue with this in the least.  I changed my review from 4 to 1 star and stated why I did.  The novel was okay but I couldn’t in good faith support an author whom supports the kind of behavior that was going on with the initial 1 star review.  Since this item was a Vine product, I can’t simply delete the review.  I hit save and figured that while I was only one person, at least I’m not longer supporting an author whom encourages this kind of behavior from her husband and fans.

The first few comments surprised me – I didn’t think about my review being seen but I had forgotten about Emily pointing people to the one starred reviews, which would mean that mine would come up.  Crap.  I then went and looked at the comments on the other low starred reviews and saw that already her fandom was attacking.  I girded my loins and prepared for it to get ugly but initially, the support was mostly positive.  Then someone must have alerted Emily to the post as I was shocked to see my review pop up in my Facebook feed being blasted by Emily.

In the comment section, they were pretty quick to find my review and post it and the shitstorm on my review comment page ensued.  Granted, Emily did sort of attempt to call off the dogs but in the same respect she also pointed out my review and posted her feelings on my changing the rating (again, from 4 not 5 stars) which she is entitled to.  If she didn’t encourage bullying though, she would have deleted my review being linked on her page immediately like she did with any comments that supported her.  By this point there were a few people saying this needed to quit and the comments her fans were leaving were quite horrible.  At this point Emily’s assistant decided to jump in and defend Emily as well leaving quite a few comments that were pretty shocking coming from someone that represents the author on a professional level.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

This is just one of many comments that Katie left on my review (all she or Amazon has deleted).  However, at this point there were still quite a few people thinking that it was pretty crappy what was going on and supporting me and my right to my opinion on the book.  Then more crap hit Emily’s Facebook.

*screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Personally there is no way that a 1 star review falls under my category of “most unfair things” but I guess that she should consider herself blessed for leading such a charmed life.  Here Emily directly is linking to my review with her assistants plea for fans to comment and defend her against “these” attacks.  Personally, I don’t view my review as attacking the author so much as stating my opinion but I gather that is subjective so I’ll take the “attack” hit.  However, the initial review by AvidReader does not remotely come close to attacking Emily in the least.  With a battle cry like this, Emily’s fans got even more rabid in their attacks against me and her assistant (CrimznTider) continued to do battle.  Most of these have been deleted by Amazon.

So now I’m a stalker, bigot and an infant.  There’s more mudslinging but I think this gives you the overall tone of the kind of comments that I was receiving from the fans of Ms. Giffin after she posted on her Facebook a link to my review. There was also tweets from her account as well regarding this.

 *screen capture thanks to Pocketful of Books as it has since been deleted*

Finally about 2 or so hours after this whole debacle started, Emily finally attempted to call the dogs off on Facebook.

In short order her husband also offered up his apology to me on my review, I did not see this placed on AvidReader’s review however and she’s the one that truly deserves it.

FINALLY!  Although the apology is not perfect but I appreciated him finally apologizing and it did seem to slow (NOT STOP) the attacks on Amazon.  At this time Emily’s assistant finally stopped her postings as well.  Around 11:00PM I received 3 different calls, all blocked, with one leaving a “delete your review!” voicemail and the second stating that I should just kill myself for being such a miserable person for attacking poor Emily.   REALLY?  And yes, I’m talking with the cops about this already.  I mean that’s Misery kind of fan territory.  Not long after I heard a loud bang on my deck and I was legitimately scared that it was a gunshot.  Far fetched maybe but this was quickly sinking into WTF territory.

I went to bed last night shaking my head and completely baffled and amazed at what a turn this whole day took.   When I woke up I decided to check Emily’s Facebook page to see if she’d posted any sort of apology or whatnot but I found this instead.

I just… I don’t… WHAT?  She has also deleted all of her postings regarding the reviews, which is probably a good thing on her end.  I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this remotely and it’s pretty unfathomable that you would even begin to entertain the idea that someone would ENJOY the shitstorm I’ve endured over the past day.  For the record, Emily posted a link to my review directly asking for people to come support the attack against her.  That’s not saying gang up but it was all but spelled out

Here’s hoping this dies a quiet death.  I for one will never read another Giffin novel and I am happy to hear that others are doing the same.


Pipe dreams, they are lovely things to have aren’t they?  The only apology I have received from her camp is on my review, she has not reached out to me other than on that platform and that was her husband, not her, unless the account really is hers.  Again, I don’t deserve what happened to me because I dared to change a review.  I also will not be bullied into changing or deleting my review because that’s what Emily thinks is best.  If she didn’t want the drama to continue, she would stop making posts such as these. Sure, I’m adding to the fire now by posting these screen caps but damnit, I’m furious.  I think most would be too if they were in my shoes.


I started getting negative comments on this blog post and low and behold, Emily is making vaguebook status updates.  It’s interesting how I am always able to figure it out when things have hit her Facebook when there is an uptick in negative feedback.

Also for those asking, yes I have been to the police station today regarding the voice mails and cyber bullying.


After thinking on this whole disaster this evening, I wondered how I could turn this into something positive.  I wished there was a charity for me to donate books to children that are bullied as a child I always lost myself in books when I was bullied in school.  I still do it as an escape from reality.  Since such a charity doesn’t exist (anyone want to start one?) I’m donating to the Megan Meier Foundation instead.  Megan Meier is the girl who killed herself after being cyber bullied on MySpace, a story which still saddens me.  I donated $614: a dollar for every downvote I received (278 – is that a record?) as well as AvidReader (78) and another dollar for every comment on the review (201 for me, 57 for AvidReader).  Granted, not every comment was bullying but I don’t care to go in and figure it all out as reliving those comments is not an ideal way to spend my evening.

I hope this is the end of this, I really do.


My review has been removed from the book page of Where We Belong.  You can still access it by clicking on the direct link but it is “gone” for all intents and purposes.  I did not do this, it was on Amazon’s end of things.

UPDATE #5 (December 30, 2012)

Ha, you thought it was all done.  Well, it is but I thought that instead of a new blog post, I’d finish up the “resolution” to this whole debacle as well as finally answer the question of what happened to AvidReader.

• Amazon took down my review of Where We Belong completely, however it still counts toward my Vine reviews so I didn’t have to review it again to stay under my percentage goals.  Huzzah.  Although, reviewing it again could have been interesting as I’m sorry but there’s no way on earth that my debacle wouldn’t have influenced my views in the least.  I know some don’t approve but in the same regards I tend to give authors I adore a kinder/better review based on my love of them so IMHO it can go both ways.

• I never had a direct apology in any form from Emily.  The only apology I got was from her publicist, whom did eventually contact me but it wasn’t on her behalf, more or less was trying to get me to take down this blog.  I refused and he was polite about my refusal.  They did release a somewhat public apology in The Atlantic.

• Despite accusations to the contrary, AvidReader is *not* some stalker of Emily Giffin’s, nor a psycho.  Instead she is a college student who used an email she doesn’t check during the school year for her Amazon profile.  When she got home for the holidays and checked her not-often-read email, she was surprised to see what kind of fuss became of her review.  She contacted me to thank me for supporting her and was glad that she missed all of the drama.  I’m SO glad to hear from her and know she is OK.  I was concerned but hoped something like this was the case.

• Finally I want to say a huge thank you to the authors and fellow reviewers that reached out to me during this mess.  I was stunned, surprised and humbled by your overwhelming support.  I’ve gained a lot of respect for you all and I’m glad to know that some of my favorite authors are on my team and I’ve also discovered a few new ones that I want to support.  It was a crazy ordeal and I couldn’t have asked for kinder people to be in my corner.

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  1. Corey, I am so sorry this happened to you. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and reprehensible, and no one should have to go through what you did. I’m glad you laid out the facts here–because they really do speak for themselves.

    Please be safe, and know that you have the support of many reviewers and readers.

    1. I agree. I am really sorry this happened and to a reviewer and book lover! We read for the love of reading and a best-selling author should be appreciative and protective of her fans as well. She’s lost many in this whole thing. I have never read Emily Griffin’s books but I sure as hell won’t now.

      Definitely be safe and don’t stop reading or reviewing because of idiots and hotheads.

  2. I think I am going to join you in not reading anymore of her books, I can’t believe she said that you were enjoying the drama? WHAT? How would she enjoy it if someone were doing that to her or her family, terrible thing to say. And to try and blame you and say maybe you should delete your review? Ah, how about no, it is called freedom of speech, and it is not a bad review by any means!

  3. What makes her belligerence art is the repeated “if she is really getting death threats she should censor / delete.”


    Classy. Nothing like a WRITER who thinks the first amendment is for protecting asshats from free speech that makes them sad, not actually protecting free speech.

    I’m so sorry you were violated in this way.

    1. Agreed. This is what disturbed me the most. She’s saying that a bad review (or perhaps changing a good one into a bad one) justify death threats.

      I’m sorry this happened to you, Corey, stay safe.

  4. Corey, I think it’s a good thing that you have kept the screen captures all in one place. It always saddens me when this kind of thing happens. And EG is not new to the author / public figure thing – she has been a successful author for years now.

    It baffles the mind that she seems to think she had nothing to do with what happened.

    Stay safe, have another sip of champagne tonight, and take care!

  5. I’m so sorry you were put through all this drama. It’s unbelievable that she still is missing the point-you shouldn’t have to take down your review. I call shenanigans on Emily Giffin; she knew what her husband and asst were up to-otherwise she wouldn’t have posted about it at all.

    I linked to DA-I hope you don’t mind

    1. That’s how I am feeling about this whole mess. At this point I can’t imagine ANYONE not wanting to investigate what is being done, even if it is to purely do damage control.

      I don’t mind at all. If I didn’t want this to be seen, I wouldn’t have posted it.

      1. PPPSSSSHHHHH…. you just want drama and attention 😉

        Oh wait… I think that’s giffin 🙂

        Seriously though, I’m sorry for everything you have been through because of her and the minions.

        Hope it works out for you.

  6. I love how YOU are responsible for the death threat because you don’t delete your post. Wow. I can’t believe that you’re having to deal with this.
    Crazy. Just crazy,

    1. Yeah, that’s like saying she wore a short skirt so she was asking to be raped. Same thought process, or lack there of.

  7. Corey, I’m so sorry for you. Please know there are many out there, myself including who support you and what has happened is so very wrong. ((hugs))

  8. Wow, just wow. I think this might be one of the worst cases of bad Author behavior I have come across, ever. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I would have done the same and changed my review. I can’t imagine how you felt when you got those voicemails.

    It’s plain obvious that the Griffen was behind these attacks, at least to an extent. This makes me sad, because I really enjoyed the books I’ve read of hers to date. I have one on my shelf that I haven’t gotten to yet, and quite frankly I dont think I’m going to now. I’m so disgusted.

    You have every right to be furious, and thank you for posting this so I never waste money on her books again.

    1. Ive noticed alot of the fans are attempting to use the ‘freedom of speech goes both ways’ defense. I think what they fail to recognize is that it’s no longer freedom of speech when threats and stalking get involved. Which is what clearly happened to Corey.

      Corey – Give us an update when the police issue that warrant.

  9. I’m really sorry all of this happened to you. I just met Emily on a tour stop a couple of weeks ago and she was really nice in person. It’s horrible to see this sort of thing happening and definitely makes me see her in a different light.

    Thanks for sharing…

  10. My standby comment for all these situations–any idiot and a keyboard. I’m a small fish author and on behalf of a million authors who would never behave this way, I encourage you to protect yourself, and then to continue to review from the heart.

  11. Corey – this just highlights the bigger issue that seems to be going on across all genres (I review for the M/M genre, and you think THIS is bad?…). Civility.

    We are ALL entitled to our opinions. And we have forums to express them as readers. You and I choose to do that through reviews, as did “Avid Reader”. When an author or that person’s significant other or assistant chooses to make a comment about a review – good OR bad – they lose.

    They lose credibility. They lose respect. And frankly, they lose dignity.

    And they encourage other not-so-civil people to do stupid things like call your home and threaten you. Yes, contact the police. Someone crazy enough to track you down WILL go further, if not against you then the next one that pisses them off.

    I personally disagree with changing a review based on an author’s bad behavior, because we should be reviewing the work, not the writer, but you have the right to do so. And the whole point of a review is to state your opinion of the book and whether you would recommend it to others.

    Rock on! You have my support!


    1. Tom – I kind of agree with you on the ‘review the book, not the author’ thing. And then you say:

      “the whole point of a review is to state your opinion of the book and whether you would recommend it to others. ”

      Correct. And I think that’s why Corey’s changed her rating. Because while she liked the book, the author’s behaviour over the last day or two has turned her into someone Corey can’t recommend.

  12. Corey – I am so sorry this happened to you and this sounds like a massive PR attempt to get any kind of press for this book. Coincidence? Yesterday morning I awoke to the rudest comment in response to my 1 star review I posted 2 weeks ago. I rarely post reviews for books, but I read a lot and I actually enjoyed Emily’s earlier novels, but I just thought her character development lacked focus and I was so annoyed I paid the full Kindle price rather than buying a paper copy or borrow from the library. I had no idea how crazy her fans are, very Twihard, but even then people should be allowed to express their opinions with fear of being insulted ad hominem. I appreciated the other Amazon commenters coming to my defense and calling out this rabid fan, who started insulting the commenters in a frankly scary and angry way. The “fan” apologized, but I appreciate your blog post about your experience and telling your truth.

  13. Oh Corey,

    I am so sorry you are being put through this for simply relaying your own personal morals within your Amazon review (which, as a matter of fact DOES affect our reading preferences and subsequent reviews). I am also sorry that Emily thinks that an apology from her husband would count as an official apology and should stop any threats from her fans. Thank you for making this whole ordeal clear to the rest of us readers. Emily’s books have been on my “want” list for quite some time, but I personally don’t think I could possibly support her after this. Especially since she is not willing to reach out in response to the threats against you.

    What a ridiculous mess.

  14. Thanks for sharing this story. I’m not a big Emily Giffen fan, but the self entitlement she shows here, not to mention the abuse she and her husband and the assistant have heaped on you ensures that I will never buy one of her books, even in the unlikely event I’m a little tempted.

  15. I’ve disagreed for a while that authors encourage people to write reviews. I depend on people that feel strongly enough about a book to write an honest opinion about it. You can usually weed through a bunch of fan girl postings to get to the real deal, since they’re so obviously ass kissing, but still I’d prefer to not wade through that mess. She and her husband wish this would go away but it’s not unless they address it properly and she needs to let reviewers review, good or bad or whether she agrees with them. Shame on them both. I will not read her books again, as I thought they went downhill a while ago. Big hugs.

  16. Wow! This is just crazy. Not worth a free book. Social media can be a dangerous arena these days and sometimes I wonder how sensible it is to engage in it as people can get ugly. Sorry for your ordeal 🙁

  17. Unbelievable. That anyone would be such a passive aggressive bully to provoke others to do her dirty work. Honestly, if I had read your review and it stopped at the glorification of cheating in her other books, I never would have read any of them, but this? This is beyond the pale.

    You are a braver woman than I. I hope you stay brave.

  18. Here are the comments that she deleted in the last photo, I can still see them as I am the one that asked her to reach out to Corey. She deleted one of her own comments, pretty quickly, so you will have to take my word on that part. The comment that was deleted mentioned that she was saving my comments for her legal counsel, and that legal counsel advised her to delete negative posts. She also said (after I mentioned losing fans) that she didn’t care about losing fans. That losing fans was apart of the business, and that she had a lot of supporters. Once again, you are going to have to take my word for that, as well as the pasted conversation below. I could not screen shot what was said, so I had to copy and paste:

    have hard copies of Something borrowed, baby proof, heart of the matter, love the one your’re with.. if anyone wants them please inbox me. I am happy to part with them as one of my favorite authors now deletes posts she disagrees with.

    Unlike · Comment

    You and Katie like this.

    Write a comment…

    Emily Giffin: Lisa–I don’t delete posts i disagree with. i delete posts dealing with this amazon issue. both positive and negative. i was criticized for allowing it to be on my FB page, so I’m taking off my FB to protect all involved. You should donate your books to your local library. They always needs additional copies. Thank you. 2 hours ago · Like · 6

    Claire: Seriously, donate the books to the local library. There is a severe lack of funding for public libraries these days and, given the wait lists for Emily’s books, I’m sure they’d happily take them! Personally, I think you’re completely overreacting (especially since Emily’s page is easily the most open and active that I’ve ever seen from someone famous), but to each her own! If I ended up blacklisting every author for whom I didn’t agree with on some point or another, I’d probably have no one left to read. Well, except for Dorothy Parker, who was PERFECT! Ha! 2 hours ago · Like · 2

    Sarah: goodness. Another suggestion for how to get rid of them is your local hospital’s “Palliative Care” unit. My roommate did her placement in one this summer and said there is a need for pleasure reading for families who have relatives dying in Palliative (Baby Proof was actually in the family room)… 2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1

    Amy: protect all involved? why not reach out to the girl that was told to kill herself? this is really, really bad. 1 hour ago · Like · 1 · Edit

    Emily Giffin: amy–we did reach out to her with an official apology. if she is really getting death threats, which is appalling, she should probably remove her post–or at least stop talking about it. alternatively, she should call the police ASAP. There is nothing i can do to help her from atlanta. why are you still talking about it? i think you are making it worse for this poor woman by drawing attention to it on my page. if you care about her and want it to die down, please stop posting about it on my page. that is what i mean by “protect all involved”. i’m sorry you don’t seem to follow this logic. but maybe you want the drama to continue? if so, THAT is really, really bad. 1 hour ago · Like

    Amy: you lost a fan, and continue to lose them because you refuse to accept any responsibility for your (and your fans) childish behavior. ignoring it won’t make it go away, it actually makes it worse. all of those deleted comnents are on the internet, and your inability to man up and apologize for feeding the fire that your husband started is appalling and disheartening. your fans are also incredibly mean, attacking people that have negative reviews about your book. delete all you want, it is out there, and it’s all over the internet, people are disgusted, and it makes it worse when you just “close your eyes, have some wine and wait for it to go away”. if your pr person is fine with this, get a new one. you are losing fans (I’ve been a fan for five years) and this (all over the web without the emily delete button) is turning possible fans off. apologize FOR your fan base. you are a famous author, welcome to the public life 1 hour ago · Like · 1 · Edit

    Amy: funny, I did like you. give legal council my comments lol, like I care. and ps, I’m not the one updating her. I suggest a google search. with that, I’m done. good to know you don’t care about losing fans, that’s classy 😀 1 hour ago · Like · Edit

    Amy: one last thing before I leave emily in peace, the losing fans comment was directed at something she said JUST before she deleted her comment. something about reporting me to legal council and not caring about losing fans, it’s a part of the business. all well. 1 hour ago · Like · Edit

    Emily Giffin: there are many, many fan pages out there, amy. i think you will have a much better time if you gravitate towards those public figures you actually like. Good luck to you!

    1. You will have to take my word for it, but all of my incorrect spelling is there, and she even deleted a comment correcting my spelling of the word council. She’s a real class act.

      1. Good for you, Amy. Sometimes I just cannot believe the BALLS people get when they think they’ve gotten away with something. ‘I’ll just delete this and it never happened!’ Uhhh….nope. That’s not how the internet works. I just hope whoever these people giving threats (and Emily) realize how misguided they are, especially since neither of those negative reviews is harsh or untruthful in my opinion.

  19. Wow, this was just crazy, sorry you had to go through this. To think one person has thousands and thousands of fans but gets all whiny because of one 1-star review :S

  20. Wow! Didn’t know opinions, likes, and dislikes were forbidden in the good ol US of A! Sorry you had to endure such hate. I depend on reviews and I always read the good and the bad. Then being an adult I decide if I want to purchase a book. Hang in there, us readers need honest reviews!

  21. My favorite part is the, “If she’s getting death threats she should remove her review.” Um, sure. That makes sense.

    As a long time reader and writer, it makes me so so sad to see authors behaving so poorly. But her frowny face for being #2 on the NYT list was enough to put me off reading anything she writes.

    If authors want, in this day and age, to be judged solely on writing merit alone they need to stop putting such piss poor personal behavior out there. You don’t get to act like an assclown for the general public and then be upset that your writing isn’t being taken seriously.

    I’m so so sorry you were put through this.

  22. I’ve watched this mess unfold and I’ve refrained from comment because it seems that no one did anything right from start to finish except one poor girl/guy who gave a very low review to a book they did not like. Not a review of the author, not a personal attack, just review of a work they disliked enough to say “1 Star”, which is pretty bad.

    Honestly I don’t understand half of the motivations of any of the players here. I have to admit, I’m not in agreement with the idea of giving a product review based on the creator’s personality, but that does not excuse, at all, what followed. I do hope that local law enforcement has been contacted, especially if it has moved to the use of your phone. At the very least get a police report in case anything like this happens again. I have a good working relationship with our police liaison officer who might have thoughts on your jurisdiction if you need them.

    As a writer, I’m terrified of saying anything on line these days… perhaps with good reason.

    1. I agree. Who CARES if the review was changed from a 4 star to a 1 star? My stomach is totally turned by my once favorite light read author now. You get tainted by the books. To call and tell her to kill herself because she changed her review? I mean, REALLY? People are scary and they really have some nerve. Over a changed RATING?

      I’m with you. Who cares. I only care about the disgusting behavior that I witnessed, and the victims (the two reviewers). This is so totally absurd, my mind is blown.

      I hope you can get over your fear and that law enforcement will help put your mind at ease over these pathetic lost little souls.

      1. Actually I was offering the assistance to Corey. If someone has made threats to her by phone then the police need to be involved. That is one step away from going in person and it needs to be dealt with.

  23. I’m not a pretty sight at the moment. I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging open at this prima donna’s behaviour. I’m appalled and I am so sorry that you can’t post an honest review without setting off such childish and alarming reactions.

    I appreciate every single review my books receive, whether the story was liked or not. I’ve said it many times before, but once a book leaves my hands and goes out into the world, it’s fair game. If someone buys my book and then takes the time to write a review, then I’m grateful.
    Writers like this probably need to learn that they can’t stay in their high school world forever. They have to grow up some time.

    I hope you keep reviewing books. Honest reviews are like gold dust.

  24. Okay what kills me about reading these comments/posts is this… where is Emily’s PR person? Engaging crazy people on the internet fans and otherwise is dangerous. They shouldn’t have drawn attention to the amazon thing they should have deflected it and moved on.

    1. I wonder if she uses her assistant as her PR person? The assistant verbally attacked people on the amazon reviews.

      Time for new staff.

  25. The only thing amazon deleted were the nasty comments towards Corey.

    I think what we would have liked to see is a sincere apology. We all make mistakes, and like it or not, she DID push her fans to the review by being “proud” of her hubby calling someone that bought her book a psycho.

    Then she got her assistant in on it, and POSTED about it so the fans could join in on the attack from the assistant.

    Once again, all mistakes.

    Own up to it, apologize for causing a crap storm by posting and directing everyone to amazon and move on.

    This wouldn’t be an issue if she manned up and just said “hey, look. my husband did this, I don’t approve, I don’t approve of what my fans did, I’m sorry to the girl that received ‘go kill yourself calls, she did not deserve that’ and I realize that directing you guys to amazon fueled the fire. As an author, I do not wish to have my fans strike out at other people just for a negative review”

    Something like that, and NONE of this would have happened.

    1. I think that she won’t say anything. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I’m guessing at this point she’s keeping mum because there’s really not a good way to spin this. If she posts an apology her fans (100K + mind you) will then know what happened and if they look at the numerous blogs and posts today about the shit storm, well she may lose even more fans. So I can’t quite blame her for not publicly apologizing as it would make her look bad. This doesn’t mean she couldn’t have reached out to me via email, FB message or the like privately – which for the record she has not done. However, commenting on posts that are saying they are disappointed in her saying I deserved it, I like the drama, I should delete my review if it’s got to that point and so forth – that’s where I get pissed off.

      1. I would be very angry as well.

        She is also lying, she said you were reached out to personally with an apology. I guess that means her …. husbands… apology on amazon or her …husbands… apology written by Emily on her facebook page.

        DOES NOT CUT IT.

        I’m not thinking roses, candies, years of free books, but I’m thinking, like you said, at LEAST a private email to you. That you don’t even have to share! Although, if you receive one, just let us know. Just say oh hey, she sent me a personal apology. Isn’t that nice?

        1. Yep, that’s when I decided to make this blog. People are saying I’m a bully for it but she was telling her fans that she had apologized to me (still hasn’t) and if I didn’t want the calls etc I should delete the review and since I hadn’t I enjoyed it etc. That’s when I screencapped and started blogging ALL the caps that told the story. I don’t care that she deleted what she posted – I would too – BUT she was lying about what happened and that pissed me off. Saying the initial review attacked her, my review was a 5 star, she never told people to go defend her in the comments but told people to go REVIEW her etc. Without the screencaps I had no proof of what I was saying happened. But yeah, it took me that long to get mad. It takes a LOT to get me angry despite being Irish 😉

          1. EG stating she had apologized seems to me like another possible example of her sock puppetry… her husband apologized, using the ID that EG had previously used to write reviews/comments on Amazon. But she says *she* apologized. I think she slipped up here – that she’s the one who posted the original comment on the 1-star review, and she’s the one who’s been posting all along. I could be wrong, but it reminds me so much of the sock puppetry I’ve moderated in the past.

            1. Are you still getting bullying comments on your blog today? I keep wondering if your pain has increased or decreased? It is a lot to constantly be bombarded.

              1. Did anyone from Emily’s team ever apologize or contact you about removing this blog? I’m curious if there was any other development.

                1. I got an indirect apology when The Atlantic posted an article earlier in the week and her publicist released one to me to them. Never anything directly though.

                  1. I doubt that you will ever hear anything from them directly. They probably consider her husband’s apology on amazon to you as a direct apology since he mentioned your name. Clearly they have a “what else can they expect us to do mentality?” Are you still getting a lot of hateful comments here on your blog? Hopefully not.

  26. What a terrible thing to happen. I will definitely be returning “Something Borrowed” to the library without reading it—I’ve got plenty of other books I’d rather read anyway. Good luck with everything.

  27. I am so sorry this happened to you, and I think Emily’s response of, “If she’s getting death threats, she really should just take down the post” is just shameful. When I was a kid, I used to get tormented on the schoolbus for having big, curly hair. I used to come home crying. People would tell me, “If you just straightened your hair, it would stop!” Not the point. Not the point at all.

    She is so quick to send fans signed books when they’re singing her praises, but Heaven forbid anybody ever criticize her in the slightest.

    I think she might be more like “Darcy” than we think!

    1. I received a signed copy of Something Borrowed, my absolute favorite book, I wonder if I can somehow send it back to her? I bet I can mail it back somehow. Talk about sending her a message.

      1. Right now I am so irritated I’m considering having a bonfire with her books tonight. Sure, I could send it to a shelter, library or what not but that would be encouraging reading her books and further support these kinds of anctics. I think I’d rather donate the same amount of new books to whomever in place of the books I burn so I don’t continue to promote her.

        1. I think the both of you should hold on to your EG books.
          You have said that before this happened you liked her books and Amy said Something Borrowed is signed and a favorite.
          I don’t believe any message will be heard or even matter to EG anyway and the suggestion of any book burning sends chills through my spine.
          That said…. I am not a fan of EG, I was only able to get through one of her books and that was Where We Belong, which I don’t recommend. I have the same issues with the book as everyone else that gave it a sub par review. I have nothing personal against her or her writing; until last week I never gave her much thought, it just hasn’t been my cup of tea.
          Now that this shit storm has hit I will probably mention it to quite a few friends whom will no doubt tell a few more. I have no respect for authors who behave badly, yes badly, not foolishly. Mr EG certainly acted foolishly, good intentions or not, he fucked up, so badly, so stupidly.
          I won’t rehash the content and idiocy of the posts made by EG’s tribe, which by the way I believe is ultimately her responsiblity. It is all so lowdown and I am so so sorry that it touched you and in such a scummy way. Corey, you made a conscious descision to to engage and I honor that, but I don’t think there is going to be any closure from the EG camp. It’s gone to far for that to happen.
          I say keep the books, box them up if you must, but you may want to read them again in the future. Just don’t buy any future EG books.
          It’s funny, my library has a resale shop and EG’s books are often in the free pile.

          1. Yeah my husband talked me out of burning them as I was stalking to the firepit with them. LOL! I don’t intend to hold onto them at this rate but I’m not sure what I will do yet.

            However at this point I’m feeling Maya Angelou on this, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I don’t think I’m going to ever be able to detach my feelings from her novels.

        2. I’m here via Dear Author and I’m just… Flabbergasted. Never read this author, but certainly won’t be now!

          Anyhoo, I’m posting to suggest you recycle the books. Much better than the firepit! Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll let you watch the books go through the giant shredder at your local recycling center. Cathartic! 😉

          1. I agree with the idea of recycling them. Perhaps even put them in your own backyard compost , so you can watch them rot and then feed something useful and/or beautiful!

            It is never acceptable for an author to tell someone to delete their reviews, even less so to suggest in the faintest way that expressing one’s opinion merits death threats! Corey, I hope the police find crazy stalker fan and you stay safe!

      2. Better idea: auction it off on ebay and donate the proceeds to the same cause as Corey. The autograph ought to fetch some coin.

  28. Oh. My. Word. Before I read this post I had never heard of either party. Right now I’m wishing I could give Corey a hug. This is so unbelievable I can’t even. (Yes, I’m a writer and no I don’t have the right words to explain how upsetting this is.)

    Thank you for being transparent and posting screen shots – no one can accuse you of adding fuel to the fire, this is clearly an attempt to tell the true story. I PRAY I have the grace to either refuse not only myself but my household from reading reviews when the time comes or have a healthy reason for reading them AND dealing (INTERNALLY) with what is written.

    This is terrifying.

      1. APPARENTLY, you can edit Wiki yourself. You have the screen shot, it can be added again. I guess people can edit and delete. This post was well referenced, and wasn’t slanderous. No reason for it to be deleted. Whoever put it up can probably just put it right back

        1. Wiki robots will auto-revert new edits if the page has been unchanged for a while (this is to prevent vandalism). The writer of the new content can then go and re-edit off the “edits” page (reverting the revert) and add a comment that it was an intentional change or whatnot.

          Corey, I came here via Writer Beware and I don’t know you or Ms Giffin, but I’m appalled at her reaction, especially the “if she doesn’t want death threats she can take down the review” part. Whatever happened to the old standby that you don’t respond negatively (as opposed to constructively) to negative reviews? The main reason being that the author community is a small one and it always bites the author on the arse, eventually. Didnd’t anyone learn from what happened when Anne Rice tried it?

          Looks like it’s biting. I wish you all the best.

  29. What a beyotch. EG, not you. I’m taking any and all of her books off my “to read” pile, that is just ridiculous.

  30. Reading this makes my head hurt. I’m sorry you had to deal with this. Nothing is ever so serious when it comes to reading/writing/reviewing a book to hunt someone’s information down and call them to threaten them. Who cares if you don’t agree with the review, and yes that includes anything personal and not book related. Let it go and walk away. Put down the pitch fork and walk away from your computer.

  31. I’m posting this anonymously, which will become clear shortly. I also endured a similar “gang up” situation when I gave a book a one star rating, which I felt it deserved at the time. To be fair, I’ve since read much worse self-published books, so on balance a two star would have been more apt.
    At any rate, not only was the book a bit thin in the plausibility area, it also had content I found objectionable. It would be one of these choices (won’t say which): Misogynist, Racist or Mean spirited. I mentioned in my review that the parts I objected to reduced my overall rating.
    It was a full and I feel fair review or at least I explained thoroughly what I meant by the objectionable parts — even to the point of quoting from the book directly.
    Well, it turns out I also followed this author on twitter, and started seeing him incensed at my review, and ordering his friends to come attack me.
    Not only did they attack me personally, they accused me of being the objectionable type of person I was complaining about. Then they conspired on the twitter to start “voting down” ALL of my reviews on amazon, which they did.
    In the end, I thought, was this horrible what they did? yes. But also was it worth the cost? nope.
    I deleted my review finally, and went on the person’s twitter asking them to leave me alone, which as far as I know they did.
    I also noticed that all his “minions” were the people giving his book super 5 star reviews that made him seem like the second coming.
    I stopped following this person, but every once in a while, someone on twitter will retweet his own demands that you buy his book, or one of his minions so I can never escape him completely.

    1. Several things come to mind. In order;
      -Holy f*ck!
      -What can…what?
      -I hate people

      This is why, even though I know it makes no difference, I do call people on their crap treatment of others. Because the Internets? Not as anonymous as you think it is when you’re being an a**hole.


    congrats… this is on Wikipedia!

    Everyone will know, and see, the screenshots of what you have been through. Karma is nasty. 😀

  33. Wow! I’m sorry this happened to you Corey. It’s seriously a crazy situation. I can’t believe how horribly it was handled. She should never have brought attention to it in the first place. I think she knew what she was doing by posting a direct link to your review. I wrote one of the reviews that told her she needed to apologize to you. I never got to see the response to it since it was deleted but thanks to screen shot I can now say I was told off by an author. Well not told off but more told I was fanning the flames and to delete my comment. Was even called out by name. Ridiculous. I did honestly like a few of her books but now after how she handled everything and laid blame on the wrong party I don’t think I’ll pick up another of her books.

  34. Wow. As a small press publisher and author I was getting used to seeing this kind of childish behavior in the independent author community. And I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that it’s something big name authors engage in as well, but frankly I’m appalled. Whining about bad reviews, urging people to help them make ratings, win awards, and give biased reviews is something no author should be doing. What happened to writing for writing’s sake? What happened to being happy to connect with a reader? It seems some people are only in it for the money and glory. And that comment about how “maybe she’s enjoying” death threats? Utterly despicable.

    I used to count myself a fan of Ms. Giffin’s work, but no more. Bad behavior by anyone is a turn off. Shame on you, Emily, for encouraging your fans to mob mentality and attacks on reviewers. And shame on you for whining. I know plenty of authors who would give their right leg to be #2 on the NYT bestsellers, but wouldn’t stoop to behaving in this manner.

    Sorry you went through this, Corey.

    PS- I love that the one comment on this page defending Ms. Giffin is anonymous. Figures.

  35. A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at reviewing on amazon. I reviewed a children’s book that I didn’t really care for. Not a single word about the author was mentioned except that I felt it was a rip-off of a more popular series and that there were others like it that I’d choose over it. Someone (who attacked every one who left a negative review) told me ‘how dare I review this poorly’ and accused me of being racist and not wanting a woman of color to be successful because the author is African American . Well, you know once it descends into racism there’s no way to salvage the convo, so I just deleted it because I was so appalled that someone would go there for a simple negative review about a book (not a word about the author in any respect). This person did the same thing to every negative review and tracked the comments to lambast anyone who tried to tell her she was out of line. I hope it’s not a publicist or someone close to the author but there’s no way of finding out (I’ve tried). It put a bad taste in my mouth and I’ve never done another online review. I’m sure I’m not the only one and things like this make me nervous about ever trying again.

  36. I think the Wikipedia thing was put up by one of my readers. One of them told me about it and I’m guessing they ventured into this whole foray after seeing me comment on it. I almost felt guilty.
    But then it got taken down so very fast, apparently by an anonymous user.

    My reader assures me that these things get put back, and taken down, and put back… sometimes for weeks.

    My guess is that this fiasco will do the same on a lot of Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Wikipedia. I don’t imagine it will be forgotten in a hurry.

  37. Here’s the issue in a paraphrased nutshell.

    Reader: Your fan went overboard – they even called threatened a reviewer at home.

    Author: Then she should keep her mouth shut about me. Drama Queen.

    That has nothing to do with success and EVERYTHING to do with character.

  38. Wow, I’ve been following this along online as a (former) Emily Giffin facebook fan (I read Something Borrowed/Blue then gave up). I’m shocked at how out of hand this got! I also can’t believer her idea of dealing with it is to just stop talking about it? Even her idea of an apology is a pitiful way of dealing with it. She should be saying something publicly to call off the hounds, this is a serious matter. A reviewer should be able to give an honest review without fear of backlash and death threats! As someone who was looking into reviewing more for the many books I read, this is a scary turn-off to the world of reviewing. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but I’m glad you’re getting tons of support! A lot of reviewers I follow on twitter had links to blogs in your support. : )

  39. First time reader who was linked via twitter. I wish I could say I am surprised by Emily’s reaction but given her behavior during Sobo movie promo I can not. Her attitude towards the smallest critique of film was abhorrent. I quickly unfollowed her on twitter and vowed never to read any of her books again. Authors need us, not the other way around. I’m sorry this caused you such troubles.

    1. Interesting that Emily flipped over reviews of the Something Borrowed movie–because pretty much every review was absolutely terrible. They were bad even for your run of the mill chick flick. It’s at 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. Mr. Emily should go tell Roger Ebert who’s boss.

      Anyway, I’ve been following this conundrum since yesterday (yay for being home with the flu) and have been increasingly horrified. Emily’s comments about those voicemail messages are absolutely horrifying. Saying that Corey is asking for the drama because she wrote the post and hasn’t taken it down is pretty much the equivalent of saying a woman deserved to get attacked because she wore a short skirt. It is disgusting behavior that was encouraged by Emily, her husband and publicist and I would like to think that the only reason she’s being so publicly cavalier is because her legal counsel told her not to admit fault publicly in case Corey decides to take legal action. I’m not saying that’s a good reason to not apologize, but I would hope that Emily is more humane than to think any of this was well deserved.

      1. AC, I am with you on this. I was struck by EG’s comment to take down the review, and your parallel was the one I had drawn.

        Corey, I am sorry that you have had to deal with this.

        I have never read her books, and now I will never read them.

  40. I just followed a twitter link here, and wow. Thanks for your honesty in all of this–I had that book in my amazon wishlist but it’s since been removed. I won’t line anyone’s pockets when they are so clearly full of themselves.

    So,you should delete your review if you’re getting harassed, huh? Is she saying that you only brought this on yourself? Funny. As a female she should recognize that line of thought as something rape victims hear only too often. “Well, if she wouldn’t have worn that skirt she wouldn’t have been attacked”…etc, etc. That’s absolutely despicable.

    As an author, I know she knows the power of words, and playing coy by saying she didn’t passive-aggressively send out her minions because she didn’t say it in those ~~exact words is the lamest excuse she can use. Especially when she tweeted a link from her assistant asking for that exact thing.

    What a special snowflake this one is.

  41. How horrible and terrifying for you, Corey.

    I agree that it is your choice to decide what you do with your reviews and how you do the reviews. We don’t support big companies if they behave badly , even if we like the product. Why should anyone selling something be allowed to harass a consumer of that product if the consumer doesn’t like it? At least with most things we buy, if we don’t like the product we can take it back. That doesn’t work with books, so it’s even more important for an author to listen to their customers and behave responsibly.

    I do hope this clears up for you asap.

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