I’m usually on the beginning wave of most social things.  Not usually by design or on purpose but it’s interesting to see how I was an “early user” on a lot of social platforms.  Live Journal?  I began using it in 1999 (well that’s how far back my archives go) but I know it was earlier than that.  Twitter I joined up with in 2008, not quite early adopter but WAY before it was mainstream.  Pinterest I’ve been on for at about a year.  So it’s funny to me when friends are asking me if I’ve heard of that “new” site Pinterest… oh honey, been there, pinned that!

I originally started using Pinterest for clever sayings and pinning wedding inspiration.  Not for my OWN wedding mind you but for posing inspirations for when I’m shooting.  Then more users joined and my horizons broadened and I saw the value of pinning recipes.  Then I found out that they are not always as good as they look in the pin (but that canned biscuits to waffle one is a keeper I tell you!).  Eventually Pinterest pretty much became the stomping ground for everything and anything.

I do have to say though, I kind of dislike the self-pimpage that goes on there.  I don’t mind the occasional post-my-own-photo/product/blogwhatnot pin but those that have more than a 2-to-1 ratio of their own vs others really irritates me.  In fact, I have unfollowed a notable celeb photographer because all he did was post his own stuff and beg for it to be repinned.  I rarely unfollow anyone but it appears that egotism is the quickest way to do it.

I’m still in the what-the-hell-do-I-do-with-this-blog mode but I think eventually I perhaps may do some Pinterest food reviews here.  I’ve had some epic wins (see waffle biscuits) some meh results (angel chicken) and some flat out fails (forgotten kiss cookies).  I do have a board for recipe successes but blog format may be a bit more fun?  Who knows, it’s something I’m kicking around.



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